4 Easy, DIY Front Door Ideas


This blog post was sponsored by 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube. All opinions are my own (of course!)

They say you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Well, can I admit something?  Our front door isn’t making the best first impression for our home.  I mean, it isn’t terrible, but it’s not exactly a wow-factor!  So I’ve been putting together some amazing front door ideas for an easy weekend makeover.

Are you looking to DIY your front door, too?  Then keep on reading for quick hacks you can use to upgrade your front door!  And be sure to read to the bottom to get a free copy of this gorgeous watercolor art print, perfect for your home!

Front Door Ideas

4 Easy, DIY Front Door Ideas

In the past several years, we’ve bought and sold two different homes.  So I’ve gotten a crash course on the importance of first impressions, both as a buyer and as a seller.

When we were hunting for our new home, I remember a few instances when my husband and I would step on the front porch, open the front door, look at each other, and then head right on out.  “Nope,” we thought.  “This isn’t the house for us.”

THAT’s why first impressions matter so much!

Even more, though, if you’re looking to refresh or upgrade your home, starting with the front door is an easy thing to do!  It’s a DIY lover’s dream that you can tackle in an afternoon.

If you’re curious about front door ideas for making a solid first impression, let’s dig in.

Update Your Front Door Color

This might be where most people start when it comes to adding shine and polish to their front door.  And no wonder!  It’s a relatively easy step that makes a HUGE impact.

When choosing front door colors, there are a few things to consider:

What’s your style?  From classic shades to fun pops of color, the options are literally endless.  Spend some time on Pinterest looking at front door colors.  Timeless shades include glossy black and bright red.  But you might also be surprised with how a bright yellow or quirky teal might look on your home!

Here’s our front door, for example.  See how changing the color makes SUCH an impact?

Front Door Ideas

There are some awesome quizzes online that help you assess your front door style and choose the right color, as well!  I particularly love this front door color quiz from HGTV.  Check it out!

Swap Your Front Door Hardware

This step, admittedly, is a little more involved.  But if you have a few hours and a bit of a budget, swapping the hardware on your front door will pay some major dividends when it comes to curb appeal.

So what do I mean when I’m talking about hardware?

First, the handleset.  This includes the handle and lock.  And you know what?  There are a TON of styles out there.  Here’s a sample of the playing field.  See what I mean about options??

Front Door Ideas

(Be warned though, the sky is the limit when it comes to costs with these!)

When you’re thinking about a handleset, don’t forget to consider other accessories, like a door knocker and a kicker.  (Psst, a kicker is that plate of metal adhered to the bottom outside of a front door!)

By being clever with your combination of accessories, you can really create a signature style that adds personality and appeal to your home.

Keep Your Existing Front Door Hardware Working Properly

Okay I’ll admit that for many of us, swapping out hardware might be a really costly step.  Or maybe you actually really love your existing handleset!

In any case, you absolutely need to make sure that your front door lock is working properly.

When we were looking for a home, I can’t tell you the number of times that we had an awful first impression because our realtor couldn’t get the key to turn easily in the lock!

And even if you’re not buying or selling your home, ensuring your lock is functioning the way it should is a really important step to maintaining your home.  (Plus, it helps keep frustration at bay when you’re on the front porch, carrying four bags of groceries, trying to get a key to turn in a lock!)

My number one tip for maintaining your front door lock?  3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube.  Why do I love it so much?

It’s a lubricant that’s super easy to apply.  The bottle comes with a clip-strip straw so you can really get into small spaces if you need.

It’s called “dry” lube because it won’t leave a greasy or wet mess.  It’s clear and dries really quickly.

Front Door Ideas

How do you use it?  Here’s what I do:

Using Your 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube

– Attach the straw onto the 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube nozzle

– Spray the lubricant into the lock mechanism

– At this point, I like to work the key into the lock, pulling it in and out and twisting the lock back and forth

– Take the straw off the nozzle

– Spray the lube without the nozzle over the whole lock to protect the metal

Lubricate a lock

Easy!  And honestly such an important step to make part of your regular home maintenance routine. 3-IN-ONE recommends using it on your locks monthly.

This will help loosen and lubricate your locks to keep them working smoothly. Plus, it will protect them because the spray is anti-corrosive.

You can buy a can of this bad boy at your local Lowe’s.

Add Decorative Touches to Your Front Door

Once you’ve painted your door and maintained your hardware, you really have an opportunity to refresh your door with some decorative touches.

Consider adding house numbers, door decals, or a wreath to the space.

The beauty of these decorative accents is that you can definitely find something you love at a price that works well for your budget. And when you mix and match these small touches? IT MAKES A HUGE impact!

Front Door Ideas

Me?  Yep, most Saturdays, you can find me trolling my local Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity ReStore for these kind of accessories.  In fact, the wreath we have hanging on our porch right now?   I got it for $ from Goodwill!

Download Your Free Watercolor Front Door Art Print

With all of these amazing front door ideas in mind, I thought, why not create an art print?!  As I was prepping this post, it became clear to me that our front doors really are so much more than just front doors.

Front doors are the smile of our houses.  They make us feel welcome and warm, and when we think about our homes, often we picture our front door and porch.

Front Door Ideas

So I hope you love this watercolor as much as I do!

To download a copy, click subscribe in the box below.  Then you’ll be able to click the picture and get instant access to your free art print!

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This watercolor will print as an 8” by10”.  It’ll be easy to fit this into an existing frame.  Or, you can pick one up at the dollar store, Target, or (my favorite) a store like TJMaxx for a few dollars.

If you don’t have a color printer at home like me, just send it over the internet to FedEx or Kinkos and they can print it for you for a few cents.

I always print my art prints on cardstock so they are sturdy!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Okay, phew!  We’ve covered a lot in this post.  To wrap it up, here’s the bottom line:  you can make a major impact on your home just by DIYing your front door.  And there are so many front door ideas to choose from.

  • Focus on giving life to your door with a new color
  • Swap out your hardware to add style
  • Maintain your existing hardware with the right products, like 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube
  • Add easy decorative touches to make a huge impact

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with all your great makeovers. Do you have any other front door ideas?  Pop a comment below!  I can’t wait to hear! As always, lots of love, from my house to yours!

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P.S., Funny enough, just after writing this post, I got a text from a co-worker saying our cleaning crew can’t get into our building.  So I’m gonna be packing my Lock Dry Lube in my handbag to save the day!

Front Door Ideas