9 Beautiful Carved Wood Gift Ideas


You all know I’m a sucker for carved wooden gifts.  But did you know that wood gifts are a pretty traditional present, too?  That’s right, wood gifts are the traditional gift given for 5th wedding anniversaries!  Are you looking for a beautiful carved wood gift?  I’ve rounded up the best of the best ideas for some wood gifts!

9 Beautiful Carved Wood Gift Ideas

If you’re not a DIY maven like me, you probably won’t want to make your own carved wooden gift.  But don’t worry – there are LOTS of gorgeous gift ideas out there.  I’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful hand made wooden gifts you can buy!

Each of these carved wood gifts has been hand made by artisans all around the world.  I’m a huge supporter of shopping small and love to find talented artists on platforms like Etsy.  For me, it’s much more meaningful to give a gift created by hand with love than to buy a gift at a big box store.  Plus, right now, with all that’s going on in the world, I think it’s SO important to support independent artists.  I was so touched to work with Etsy on their #standwithsmall campaign to highlight some amazing artists. 

Check out their #standwithsmall feature page to learn more!

Each of the pictures below is linked with an affiliate link so that you can learn more about the product.  Plus, you can check out the artists who made them!

White Washed Carved Wood Panel

We actually have a pretty carved wood panel just like this one in our kitchen.  It’s part of a gallery wall, and I love how the textured finish of the wood panel plays against our photos.  So so pretty!

Personalized Farmhouse Wood Sign

If you’re looking for a gift they’ll be sure to love, look no further than a custom name sign.  These wooden gifts are classic and timeless, and they look great in an entryway!

Whitewashed Wood Carved Art Plaque

I mean, you guys, how pretty is this!  I’ve actually seen huge versions of these above best, almost like headboards.  I am IN LOVE. 

Wood Carved Laundry Sign

How fun is this sign?  It’s kinda funky, kinda farmhouse, and the pretty baby blue gives a comfy soft touch.

Personalized Farm Fresh Egg Sign

Okay okay, I am a SUCKER for a carved wood sign.  I love the detail work and the ligatures on this script.  So sweet!

Contemporary Hand Carved Wood Wall Art

This is for those who like more modern, less rustic design.  I love the geometric print against the wood grain, don’t you?  And the subtlety of the stripes is so lovely.  Almost monochrome in the middle panel.  Gorgeous!

Carved Wooden Whale Sign

It’s official.  I need this whale sign in my life.

Carved Wooden Phone Case

I actually have a coworker who has this phone case, and I admire it literally every time I see here.  It’s so interesting and definitely is an eye catcher!

Hand Carved Wooden Wall Art

I chose this piece to include in the list because it’s hand-carved.  Plus, I love (love!) how you can ser the paneling through the carve.  Beautiful!

I hope you loved these carved wood gift ideas as much as I did!  I encourage you to #standwithsmall and support artisans in small business!  Enjoy learning more about these products and their artists on Etsy.