Sort, Store, and Organize Legos [Smart, Creative Ideas!]


Sort, Store, and Organize Legos with these Smart, Creative Ideas!

Organizing Legos can be daunting, especially if you have an expansive collection. It often seems like there is no way to make sense of the endless pieces and colors.  At our house, I am constantly (constantly!) stepping on legos.  And boy do those little bricks HURT.

We needed to find storage solutions for all of our legos for sanity and safety!  Seriously though, having the right storage makes everything easier and feel much tidier.

Are you looking for a way to store and organize legos?

With these smart, creative ideas for sorting, storing, and organizing your Lego collection, you’ll be able to keep everything neatly in its place (even if you have many lego!)  Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for your child’s playroom or need a way to organize your collectible sets, keep reading. 

We’ve got plenty of clever tips and tricks to help you tame the clutter and keep those colorful bricks under control.

Tip 1: Use Bins and Containers to Organize Lego Bricks

Organizing Legos can be challenging but much more manageable with the right tips and tricks. One tip for sorting, storing, and organizing them is using bins and plastic storage containers.

This way, you can easily separate the different lego sets, colors, or types of pieces. This will make them easier to find them later.

You could also label each container, so you know exactly what’s inside. If you want to take organization one step further, use a plastic grid organizer to store unusual shapes like mini figures or tiny pieces. You can also use fabric storage boxes rather than plastic if you prefer.

Aside from keeping your Legos organized, this will also help keep them safe from any damage or dirt from being out in the open.

Tip 2: Color-Code Pieces and Sort Lego Bricks by Color

One helpful tip for sorting, storing, and organizing Legos is color-coding. Organizing by color is a great way to quickly identify different pieces and helps keep everything in its place.

Start by gathering the same colored pieces, such as red or blue blocks. Then, sort legos by color.

You want to store them separately by color. So, organize lego into separate containers. This way, easily see any lego piece not where it belongs.

You can also label each container with the color name to grab the right pieces quickly. Group them together for larger sets containing multiple colors according to their size or shape.

Color coding is a great way to store lego, too, because it’ll be easier to find the right piece when lego building your next fun project.

Finally, if you have unique pieces used infrequently, store them in a separate location so they don’t get lost in the mix.

With careful sorting, storing, and organizing using color coding, you’ll be well on your way to lego organization and sanity!


Tip 3: Build a Lego Wall for Space-Saving Lego Storage

One tip for sorting, storing, and organizing Legos is to build a Lego wall. This is an efficient and creative way to keep your Legos organized, especially when you need to store legos without a lot of extra room.

A wall is one of the best way to organize legos in a small space! It helps your children (or you!) have fun with lego play without wasting precious storage space.

First, you need to decide on the size of your wall and find a space in your home that fits well.

To start organizing your egos, create sections on the wall for different pieces, such as blocks, figures, and wheels.

Once you have the pieces separated, use labels or pictures to identify what kind of piece each section contains.

You can also add columns between sections for larger sets or collections. Finally, use peg boards or hooks to hang accessories like tools and extra pieces.

Tip 4: Create a Lego Table with Storage Compartments to Organize Legos

Another lego storage idea? Create a Lego table with storage compartments for all the different lego parts.

You can start by purchasing a sturdy table with drawers or bins underneath. You can then divide the containers into smaller compartments.

To make it easy to store your lego, label them with words or pictures to help children identify different parts or colors.

Sort the Legos by color, type, size, or other criteria. Take some time to teach your children how to properly store the Legos. This way, toy storage will become a natural habit for your little lego enthusiast.

It’s also important to assign a place for all new pieces before putting old ones away. This way, you don’t end up with an overly cluttered space.

Finally, always remember to clean up after each play session! It’s helpful to ensure everyone knows where their Legos go when they’re done playing.

Tip 5: Construct Shelves With Plastic Drawers as a Lego Organizer

Up next on our list of lego organization ideas? Consider investing in some plastic drawers and constructing shelves with them to organize.

This is a great way to keep your Legos organized while maximizing space. You can purchase the drawers in several different sizes depending on how much Lego you have.

You may need more containers if you have a large lego collection or large lego blocks. To construct shelves, you can start by measuring the wall where the shelves will be placed. Then mark off the dimensions of each shelf that you plan to make.

Once this is done, install the plastic drawers as per instructions for a sturdy and secure fit.

This provides an easy way to access all of your Legos quickly and easily, making it easier for you to find what you need when building or playing.


Tip 6: Make a Portable Lego Bag or Box for Kids Play when Traveling

Making a portable Lego bag or box for traveling is a great way to sort, store, and organize your Legos. This will help keep your Legos organized when you take them on the go. Start by sorting all the pieces into different categories, such as colors, shapes, and sizes.

Once you have sorted everything into categories, you can use separate containers or bags to store each category.

Finally, place all the containers in one bag or box that you can easily carry while traveling.

This will help keep your Legos organized, make packing and unpacking easier when heading out on trips, and help kids play on vaycay!

Tip 7: Designate an Area for Building and Displaying Legos

When organizing your Lego bricks, you should start by designating an area for building and displaying sets. This could be a dedicated shelf or a play table or area.

Make sure the space is accessible to all users. You also want the room to be large enough for storage and play to fit comfortably without overcrowding.

Once you have established the designated area, focus on sorting your Legos into different categories, such as colors, shapes, sizes, and pieces.

This will make it easier to find what you need when it’s time to build or create something new. Finally, store the sorted Legos in clear plastic bins or containers with lids that are easy to carry and stack. Label each container for easy reference.

This way, you know exactly where everything is located and will avoid stepping on a lego (ouch!) in an unexpected room.

Tip 8: Implement DIY Solutions for Sorting and Storing Legos

One of the best lego storage ideas is implementing DIY solutions for sorting and storing them. (Pinterest is always my go-to place to research lego storage solutions! People are so creative when they find solutions to organize and store kids’ toys.)

First, start by sorting the Legos into colors or shapes. This will make finding pieces easier when you need them.

For storage, try using clear plastic containers with separate compartments for each type of Lego brick. Label each container so that you know what’s inside right away. Creating shelving units or drawers with multiple trays is a great way to keep your Legos organized and easily accessible.

Finally, consider investing in specialized Lego storage bins with built-in drawers and removable trays for easy access and organization.

Tip 10: Use Repurposed Items to Hold Lego Pieces Together or Separately

One of the best ways to organize your lego is to use repurposed items to sort, store, and organize your pieces. This can mean anything from using empty egg cartons as individual compartments for small parts to plastic bags with zipper closures for larger bricks or minifigures.

You can also use ice cube trays or muffin tins to keep different colors and sizes of pieces separate.

If you have larger sets that need to be stored together, consider using plastic bins with lids or even old shoe boxes. Magazine racks make great storage solutions for lego manuals.

With the right combination of repurposed materials and containers, you can quickly sort, store, and organize every lego brick, lego baseplate, and lego character without breaking the bank!


Tip 11: Use Labels to Identify Pieces when You Store Legos

One great tip for sorting, storing, and organizing Legos is using labels to identify different pieces. Tags can help you quickly distinguish between the pieces you have and make it easier to build a project.

You can start by gathering all the pieces you need for your project and sort them into categories like basic bricks, unique parts, and minifigures.

Then, label each category with a name or description that’ll remind you what pieces are in it.

This way, when you need a particular piece for your project, you’ll know exactly where to store the lego. You won’t have to spend time searching through all your Legos to find it. Labels can also help keep your Legos neat and organized when they’re not in use. Utilizing labels is easy to ensure all your Legos stay together and managed!

Tip 12: Build Shelves for Lego Displays and Masterpieces

Tip 12 is all about building shelves to display your Lego masterpieces. Shelves are a great way to show off your work and the work of others. Not only do they look great, but they also help to keep your Lego pieces organized and tidy.

You can use various materials like wood, plastic, or even metal to create sturdy and long-lasting shelves. You can customize them with colors and designs of your choice, making them perfect for any room in the house.

With shelves, you can let your imagination run wild when displaying your Lego masterpieces. From miniature dioramas to larger models, there’s no limit!

Recommended Lego Organization and Storage Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lego Organization Ideas and Toy Storage

I get it. Organizing legos is tough! I’m constantly walking on my son’s legos. This article came about in my attempt to find a solution that worked for us. And I realized LOTS of people have questions on the best way to organize lego.

Let’s jump into some common questions people have asked:

How do you organize thousands of Legos?

Organizing thousands of Legos can be daunting, but it is possible with the right approach. The first step is to separate out all the pieces according to their shape and color. Consider using a lego sorter on Amazon for this.

Once they are sorted, group them into like colors and sizes. Then, store each group in an organized fashion.

Label each container or box as you go so you know what pieces are inside it. Finally, use shelves and bins to keep your Lego collection together and easily accessible.

With this system, you’ll be able to find any piece quickly and easily when the time comes. It may take some time upfront, but it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run!

How do you store complete LEGO sets?

Storing complete LEGO sets can be challenging, but there are several ways to do it. One option is to store the pieces in labeled plastic bags or containers. Separate them by set and then subdivide them into smaller parts.

It’s important to ensure all pieces are accounted for before putting them away. Consider purchasing a storage bin with dividers that can organize similar bricks and parts.

Another option is to use a shelving system designed specifically for LEGO sets. This will keep all the sets organized and easily accessible when it comes time to put them together again.

Finally, if you have limited space or have multiple sets, consider buying a specialized carrying case. These cases have pre-designed compartments that can fit several smaller sets at once.

How many Legos can you stack before they break?

Legos are known for their incredible durability and strength, so how many Legos can be stacked before they break? The answer to this depends on a few factors. The size of the Lego pieces and the type of connection between them are important considerations.

You can use larger pieces and a secure connection such as interlocking or locking connections. You can stack quite a few Legos before they show signs of breaking.

Generally speaking, if the connections are strong and the pieces are in good condition, you could stack hundreds of Legos without any issues.

However, if the connections aren’t secure or if the pieces are damaged, then it is much more likely that your stack will collapse before you reach very high numbers.

It is difficult to give an exact number of how many Legos can be stacked before they break. That said, it is safe to say that using quality materials and building techniques can create pretty impressive stacks!

How do I catalog my LEGO collection?

Cataloging your LEGO collection is important in keeping track of what you have and taking inventory when needed. Organize your collection into categories such as sets, minifigures, and bricks.

Once you’ve sorted everything out, use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. In your spreadsheet, create columns for each category.

Include information such as set name, number of pieces, minifigure names and descriptions, etc. This will help keep the information organized and easily searchable.

Additionally, take pictures of each set or piece to identify them, if necessary, quickly. Finally, store the catalog in a safe place like a cloud-based storage system or hard drive.  This way, the file is always accessible and backed up.

Cataloging your LEGO collection is important in preserving its value and ensuring that all pieces are accounted for.

Is there a LEGO sorting machine?

As a fan of LEGO, I am often asked if there is a LEGO sorting machine. The answer is no, at least not yet! BUUUT, have you heard of sorting trays? They may be just what you need!

Lego sorting trays come in all shapes and sizes and can separate different brick types for quick access. There are also small storage containers that make it easy to store small sets or individual pieces.

So while there is not currently a LEGO sorting machine on the market, plenty of alternatives are available for those looking to get organized.

How do you clean Legos?

The most important thing to remember when cleaning Legos is to use mild soap and water. Why? Harsher chemicals can damage the pieces.

So how do you clean legos? The key is soaking. Start by wiping off any dust or dirt with a damp cloth. Then, fill a bowl or bucket with warm water. In the water, add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.

Place the Legos in the soapy water and let them soak for 10-15 minutes. After soaking, brush gently to scrub away any remaining dirt or grime.

Rinse the Legos with clean water. Then, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing them away.

With this simple process, your Legos will look as good as new! Plus, if you ever buy used or thrifted legos, cleaning them gives them new life.

Let’s Wrap Up

In conclusion, Lego organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task! With these creative ideas, you can easily sort, store, and organize your Legos in no time. Whether you prefer using stackable containers, peg boards, or DIY solutions, you can find the best option for your needs and space.

Plus, with all the money saved from not buying new sets every time, organizing is worth it!

Pop a comment below for tips, tricks, ideas, or questions I may have missed for the perfect lego storage and organizing solution.