Call It Spring? 24 Quick + Easy Ways to Refresh for Springtime!


Sheesh, can we even call it spring, yet?!   In case the weather outside has gotten you confused, yes, apparently it is, in fact, spring.  (Someone tell that to the rain and snow, mmmkay?)  We’ve had a few nice days here in California, but the today’s a big old grey, cold soggy mess.

I had an AHA moment yesterday that a quarter of the year is almost gone.  Seriously?  How did that happen?  And when?

For me, seasons are a good opportunity to both reflect and refresh.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some tried and true ways to let go of those winter blues and jump right into spring.

Call It Spring

Wanna Call It Spring?  Here’s 24 Quick + Easy Ways to Refresh for Springtime!

1.  Pack away heavy comforters and swap in some lighter bedding.  These vacuum bags are great for keeping bulky bedding from taking over.

2.  Bring in some faux greenery around the house.  (Or real greenery if you can keep those sucker alive.  I.  JUST.  CANT).  I have my eye set on this olive tree whenever I can swing the cost.

3.  Hang up some cheery springtime art.  I made this oh-so-pretty spring watercolor for my friend Chelsea’s blog, Making Manzanita. And the print can be yours for the ever-low price of zip nada and zilch.  Enjoy!

4.  Pretty up your front door with a wreath.  These spring wreath affordable options will have your porch stylin’ and profilin’ just in time for the warmer weather.

5.  If you’re feeling super proactive, download this 7 day spring cleaning checklist and get to work.  Honestly, for tasks like these, I need to give myself major incentives (like lattes and pedis) to huff and puff through all the scrubbing.  But a yearly deep clean?  So key for a refresh.

6. Crack the windows when it’s warm enough and let some air inside.  Plus those birds chirping?  Can’t beat ’em for busting up any lingering winter funk.

7.  Grab a new welcome mat for your front door.  Maybe a cute neutral or a fun pop of pastel.  A welcome mat is a little way to make a big impact.

8.  Gather up a big old basket of unworn clothes from your closet.  Be ruthless.  Whatever you haven’t worn for 6 months, whatever doesn’t fit, whatever is just so 2017… donate it.  Or, sell it on the Facebook marketplace for some extra ching-a-ling.

9.  Go on a long walk somewhere pretty.  Nothing says springtime like getting outside.

10.  Plan out your Q2 goals.  What are you gonna accomplish between April and July?  Grab this quarterly planner if you’re so inclined.

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11.  Borrow a new magazine from the library and sit outdoors to read it.  Maybe with a glass of sumpthin by your side?  Now THAT sounds nice.

12.  Pop in a new throw pillow or two to change up your decor without breaking the bank.  This pretty little number?  Yep, my eye’s on it.

13.  Make a little succulent terrarium for your mantle or coffee table.  Dollar store glass vases and pebbles work great for this.  And did you know you can have Home Depot deliver succulents to your door?  No kidding.  This gorgeous box of desert roses is less than fifteen bucks.

14.  Burn some clean smelling candles.  Yep, in case you never got the gumption to tackle #5, I say burn the candles.  Sage and lemongrass?  Yes please.

15.  Organize the paper clutter.  Shred any papers with private information (we use this shredder) and create a filing system for the rest.

16.  Hang a flower basket on your front porch.  How pretty are these hanging begonias?

17.  Get the pup a new springtime leash collar.  Because why doesn’t the dog get a seasonal makeover?

Call It Spring

18.  Make some cucumber water in a lovely pitcher.  I saw this video on Facebook about cucumbers and I just can’t. stop. thinking. about. them.   (Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head, too. CU-CUMBA!)

19.  Take down your curtains and wash, wash, wash.  Those suckers get dusty, lemme tell ya.  Yeeeeuck.

20.  Grab a pretty little table runner or some new spring placements to jazz up some table decor without really trying.

21.  Try a new air freshener.  We use an oil warmer and rose oil at our house.  We also have an oil diffuser, which I love with orange essential oil.  Smells so fresh (and so clean, clean!)

22.  Mow the lawn, pick them weeds, and think about mulch.  Cause if you’re like us, you haven’t done a whole lotta anything with the front yard in months.  We’ve been using this manual mower, which is like a bonus cardio workout.  (Although I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you have a large yard.  UGH.)

23.  Pick a new paint color to try.  We’re doing our baby girl’s room and are working on a preeeeetty incredible accent wall.  I may or may not have grabbed EVERY. SINGLE. PAINT. SWATCH from the Sherwin William’s display.  But a quart of paint for an accent wall?  It can really transform a space.

24.  Change out photos in a gallery wall.  You already have the frames hung, but why not mix up the pictures?  Besides, all of our photos are of with our son.  At some point when our baby girl’s old enough, she might start wondering why she’s not on the wall.  We really gotta add some new ones!

Hope you loved these ideas!  What are your fave ways to refresh and reflect for a new season?  Let me know below!  And, even if it’s still grey and cold, let’s call it spring anyways, ok?  Who’s with me??

As always, lots of love, from my house to yours!