The BEST Christmas Ornament Storage + Holiday Decor Organization Tips


Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to pack away our decor and head into the new year.  Because let’s be honest, those twinkly lights that looked oh-so-cute in December lose their sparkle come March.  We all know that holiday decorations can be an investment.  So putting them away well not only keeps them organized but also keeps them well protected.  Looking for Christmas ornament storage ideas and holiday decor organization tips?  I gotcha covered!  Keep on reading!

Holiday ornament storage solutions

Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

When I was a young girl, we spent every holiday at my grandma Mae’s house.  She was ever-so-fashionable and had the prettiest antique glass ornaments on her tree.  But in addition to being pretty, her ornaments were SO fragile!

My sister, cousins, and I now keep her ornaments safe and cherish them for Christmases to come.  I learned the importance of proper Christmas ornament storage.  How?  Use sturdy containers.  Acid-free archival boxes can keep the ornaments from fading in color over time.

Here are some great recommendations, tagged with affiliate links, so that you can jump to the product page to learn more.

Christmas Tree Storage

Growing up, we had an artificial tree, that year over year, looked a little worse for the wear.  The branches limped closer to the presents the older I got!  Part of the reason the tree didn’t fare so well was that it wasn’t stored very well.  We kept it in its original box, circa 1983.  After a dozen years, the box fell spectacularly apart, and when we hauled the tree up from the basement, the bumps didn’t help it very much!

To protect your tree, invest in a good Christmas tree storage bag.  Not only will the tree be tucked away, but it’ll also be easier to haul into its place of honor each holiday!

Christmas ornaments in a storage container with green garland

Christmas Wreath Storage

I love wreaths, which you might have figured out from the DIY wreath tutorials I’ve shared.  You’ll definitely want to tuck your wreaths away safe and sound to protect them from dust and dirt over time.  I’m always surprised at how expensive wreaths can be (which is why I make my own!).  So be sure that you take care of your wreaths so they last a long time.

Christmas Lights Storage

Is there anything worse than untangling Christmas lights?  Those strings of lights have a way of becoming the biggest tangle!  In order to heaps of holiday frusteration, store your lights away well.  You can use straps to keep strands in place.  Or you can wrap the lights around a reel, almost like a water hose.  Either solution will keep your lights tidy (and your stress low!)

Pop a comment below and let me know: what holiday decor do you find hardest to store?  Which is the hardest to keep organized or tidy?  I’d love to hear from you.