17 Simple Closet Freshener DIY Hacks [So Your Closet Smells Good!]


Closet Freshener DIY Ideas

17 Simple Closet Freshener DIY Hacks [So Your Closet Smells Good!]

Having your closet smell good is a great way to make your wardrobe more enjoyable! But, sometimes, does your closet ever … smell musty?

Let’s be honest, it can be difficult to keep your closet fresh. Most of us are looking for an easy and convenient way to keep your closet smelling nice.

These 17 simple DIY closet freshener hacks are just what you need! From sachets of scented herbs and spices to natural fabric sprays, this collection of ideas will help ensure that your wardrobe always smells great.

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Hack 1: Scented Drawer Liners to Make Clothes Smell Nice

One of the most popular DIY solutions for a musty smell is to use scented drawer liners.

All you have to do is cut some scented paper into pieces that fit the inside of your drawers. Place the paper in each drawer and enjoy the fresh scent every time you open them!

Not only will this help keep your clothes smelling nice, but it’s also an easy way to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. Plus, with so many different types of scented paper available, you can mix and match to create a custom smell in your closet.

Hack 2: Lavender Sachet Bags for a Pleasant Fragrance

A second hack? Lavender bags. All you need to do is buy some small muslin bags, fill them up with dried buds or leaves, and then hang them in the closets. This is easy to DIY *or* buy organic, ready-made sachets online on Amazon.

The lovely scent of lavender will keep your closets smelling great. Plus, it’s also great for repelling moths and other insects.

Also, the small bags are easy to store away when not in use. Lavender bags are an economical and eco-friendly way to freshen up your closets. No need to rely on expensive chemical sprays or artificial fragrances.

Closet Freshener DIY Ideas

Hack 3: Aromatic Candles or Incense Sticks to Smell Fresher

An aromatic candle or incense stick is a simple and effective way to freshen up your closet.

All you need to do is light the candle or incense stick and place it near the closet’s entrance. This will help create an inviting atmosphere in your wardrobe while removing any unpleasant odors.

Additionally, if you’re using aromatherapy-scented candles or incense sticks, they can even help you relax when choosing an outfit in the morning. Plus, this DIY hack requires very little effort and cost. So why not give it a go and smell as good as new?

Hack 4: DIY Potpourri in Mason Jars or Bowls

Another one of the most popular hacks is to use potpourri in mason jars or bowls.

Fill them with your favorite potpourri scent, and place them in your closet.

You can also add essential oils to make the scent stronger if desired. This will help keep the air in your closets smelling nice for weeks. Not only is it an easy way to make sure that your closets always smell nice, but it’s also a great way to add a bit of decoration!

Hack 5: Cedar Blocks and Hangers to Smell Fresh

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to freshen up your closet, try this DIY hack: cedar blocks and hangers.

All you need is a few cedar blocks, hangers, and string. Start by placing the cedar blocks in the corners of your closet, then tie the rope around each hanger and attach it to each block.

The cedar blocks will help absorb moisture from the air and deodorize any odors lingering in your closet. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to maintain! Just replace them periodically when they start to lose their freshness.

This simple DIY hack will keep your closet smelling fresh without breaking the bank!

Hack 6: Scented Paper Towels or Toilet Paper Rolls to Make Your Closet Smell Good

Another quick and easy hack is to make scented paper towels or toilet paper rolls.

You’ll need to gather up the following:

  • Paper towels or toilet paper rolls
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Essential oil of your choice

Cut the paper towel or toilet roll into 6-inch strips, and add a few drops of essential oil to each strip. Then tie one cinnamon stick onto each strip.

Place the rolled strips in your closet and enjoy their wonderful scent! Plus, it’s environmentally friendly – a win-win!

Closet Freshener DIY Ideas

Hack 7: Dryer Sheets in Drawers, Shelves, and Hangers

Using dryer sheets in drawers, shelves, and hangers is a great way to keep your closet smelling fresh.

This hack is easy to do and cost-effective. Place a few dryer sheets in each drawer and on shelves or hangers that are out of sight. Not only will this help keep odors away, but it will also make the clothes smell great.

The best part of this DIY hack is that you can renew the dryer sheets regularly. That way, your closet always smells wonderful.

Hack 8: Fragrant Essential Oils and Diffusers to Keep Closet Odors Away

Fragrant essential oils and diffusers are an easy and affordable way to keep your closet smelling great. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a cotton ball. Or use an electric diffuser if you have one.

Plus, you can customize the scent depending on your preferences. For instance, if you prefer citrusy scents, you can mix different essential oils such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit for a fresh smell.

Or if you like something more floral, try combining lavender or rose.

Hack 9: Perfume Samples on Hangers, Shelves, and Drawers

Do you want your closet to smell great? Make a DIY closet freshener with perfume samples!

Collect perfume samples from magazines, online stores, and department stores. Hang, place, or put the samples on your closet’s hangers, shelves, and drawers.

This trick will smell amazing and give your space a beautiful touch. The scent of perfume in the air will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable when picking out your clothes.

Hack 10: Air Freshener Spray Bottle with Natural Ingredients

Here’s another great idea: make your own natural air freshener. All you need is a spray bottle filled with natural ingredients like essential oils, water, and witch hazel.

Mix all of the ingredients together in the bottle and shake it up to combine everything. Once it’s ready to use, spritz the inside of your closet to eliminate unwanted odors.

This DIY hack is inexpensive and effective, so give it a try next time your closet needs a refresher!

Plus, you can customize the scent of your air freshener by using different combinations of essential oils.

Hack 11: Vanilla Extract Droplets on Cotton Balls to Freshen Your Closet and Clothes

To make a homemade closet freshener, you can use drops of vanilla extract on cotton balls.

The scent of the vanilla extract will linger in the air and help keep your clothing smelling pleasant. Place the cotton balls with drops of vanilla extract in drawers, shelves, and inside pockets for best results.

For an added touch, you can also sprinkle some potpourri or herbs among the cotton balls for extra fragrance.

Closet Freshener DIY Ideas

Hack 12: Orange Peels and Cinnamon Sticks to Eliminate Musty Smells in a Closet

One of the easiest recipes for freshening up your closet is using orange peels and cinnamon sticks. (Not gonna lie, this is one of my FAVORITE smells!)

All you need to do is collect dried orange peels from the fruit you have eaten and add some cinnamon sticks. Place the mixture into a small bowl or container, and place it in your closet.

The sweet smell of oranges and the spicy aroma of cinnamon will fill your closet with an amazing scent!

Not only will this make your closet smell wonderful, but it’s also incredibly budget-friendly.

Hack 13: Coffee Grounds in Jars or Containers as Closet Deodorizers

A great DIY closet freshener hack is to use coffee grounds in jars or containers. This hack is easy to execute, and it can be used over and over again.

All you have to do is place your favorite-smelling coffee grounds into small jars or containers. Then place them in your closet.

The scent of the coffee grounds will create a pleasant aroma that will fill the room and keep your clothes smelling fresh. This method also helps absorb any moisture lingering in the air. This can help prevent mold and mildew from forming on your clothes – bonus!

Hack 14: Grate Nice Smelling Soap for Closets that Smell Musty

A simple and easy DIY closet freshener hack is to grate nice-smelling soap.

This is a great way to keep your closet fresh without spending too much money on expensive products. You need a bar of nice-smelling soap and a grater, and you’re ready to go!

Get the grater and grate the soap into small pieces. Fill up a container that will fit your closet with the grated soap. Then hang it up in the closet for an instant, pleasant aroma.

You can also mix in some dried flowers or herbs for an even more fragrant blend.

Hack 15: Sachets of Herbs and Spices to Get a Closet Smelling Fresh

Another simple hack? Make sachets filled with herbs and spices. These bags can be hung in closets or tucked away in drawers. You’ll fill the closet with a pleasant aroma wherever you put them.

You can use lavender, rosemary, chamomile, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

To make this, here’s how:

  • Select your desired herbs and spices
  • Place them into a small cloth pouch
  • Tie it off with some twine or ribbon to secure it
  • Hang them throughout your space

These are great, too, to tuck in your luggage when you travel!

Hack 16: Activated Charcoal Briquettes in Jars or Containers

Another way to keep your clothes smelling clean? Activated charcoal briquettes in some jars or containers.

How? Place the charcoal briquettes in the jars or containers and place them around your closet. This will help absorb any unwanted odors and moisture, keeping your closet fresh and clean.

It’s an inexpensive solution that can make a big difference in the smell of your closet.

Plus, it’s easy to do and won’t take too much time or effort.

Hack 17: Baking Soda in Shoe Boxes to Eliminate Mildew

Our last hack? Baking soda in shoe boxes.

All you need is some baking soda, an old shoe box, and a few other materials that can be found around the house. Line the bottom of the shoe boxes with baking soda, and place them at the back of your closets.

This way, you can enjoy fresh-smelling clothes whenever you open your closet doors.

The baking soda absorbs any odors from clothing or shoes stored in the closet, which helps eliminate any musty smells.

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Let’s Wrap Up

In conclusion, freshening a closet doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With these 17 simple DIY hacks, you can make your closets smell great without breaking the bank.

From making your own potpourri to putting dryer sheets in your pockets, there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to make your closet smell good.

Don’t forget to check in on your closets now and then and replace any smelly solutions that need a refresher.

Which hack do you want to try?