25 Amazing Closet Ideas for Teens [& Closet Organization Tips!]


25 Amazing Closet Organization Ideas for Teens [Easy Organization Tips!]

If you’re looking to organize your teen closet efficiently and stylishly, you’ve come to the right place!

A well-organized closet can help you save time and reduce stress when preparing for the day. But, let’s be honest, it can be tough to come up with ideas that work best for teenage closet organization.

That’s why we’ve put together 25 amazing closet ideas to keep in mind for teens, complete with easy organization tips. These ideas will make your teen’s life easier, from clever ways to store accessories to helpful hacks for clothes.

Ready to get your closet a bit more orderly? Let’s get started!

Idea 1: Sort And Declutter Regularly

Regularly sorting and decluttering can be a great way to help your teen stay more organized. Not only will it help them learn how to manage their stuff, but it will also help them find what they need faster.

Work with your teen to take the time to review their belongings regularly. Determine what can be tossed out or donated.

This practice also encourages teens to appreciate items that have been cared for and not just accumulate stuff. In the end, this helps prevent things from becoming overwhelming.

Teaching teenagers the importance of taking care of their possessions can help them become more responsible when managing their things.

closet ideas for teens

Idea 2: Use Storage Bins and Baskets

Storage bins and baskets are an excellent way to organize your teen’s closet. You can find great options on Amazon or at your local ikea.

Storage bins and baskets help you maximize the available space as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Idea 3: Invest In Good-Quality Hangers

Investing in good-quality hangers for your teen closet is a wise choice.

High-quality hangers are usually made from durable materials such as metal or wood. Nicer hangers are designed to keep their shape. Over time, they provide superior strength when it comes to hanging heavier items like coats or hoodies,

Idea 4: Use Vertical Space with Hanging Shelves

Using vertical space with hanging organizers and shelves is an effective way to maximize storage.

Hanging shelves are ideal for small spaces and can be hung from various places, such as walls, doors, or even ceilings.

Idea 5: Put A Label On Everything

Labeling your teen’s closet from clothes and undies to sweaters or dresses can help keep things in order and easily identifiable.

For example, labeling clothes with their size or season can make it easier to find what you’re looking for in a cluttered closet.

Idea 6: Utilize The Inside of Closet Doors with Hanging Organizers

Over-the-door hanging shelves come in many shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for storing shoes, clothing, accessories, or shoes. They help save space, too, since they take advantage of often unused space between the rod and door.

With the right hanging shelves, you can easily utilize the inside of your closet doors for a tidy and efficient wardrobe.

Idea 7: Consider A Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers usually have multiple compartments for different types of shoes. Consider sorting shoes by type: running shoes, dress shoes, and sandals. You can find shoe organizers for the closet floor, over-the-door shelves, or hanging shelves to free up a little extra space.

A hanging shoe organizer keeps your shoes off the floor and out of the way, making them easy to find and access.

Idea 8: Use Underbed Storage Boxes for Seasonal Items

Underbed boxes provide an efficient way to organize and store items such as winter clothes, boots, and blankets while keeping them out of sight.

Many people don’t use the area under their beds, but doing so can help eliminate unnecessary items and give enough space in the room.

Idea 9: Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are great for corralling items within a space. They help divide drawers into sections. You can sort according to the size of the items being stored.

Plus, when you have more spaces, finding a designated home for everything is easier.

Idea 10: Use Hooks To Hang Jewelry

Hooks are a great way to store and organize jewelry.

They make it easier to find what you’re looking for and add a decorative touch to the wall. They come in many styles, from simple brass or chrome to more intricate ones made of wood or metal. You can arrange hooks as you need to create a custom jewelry organizer.

You can also choose from different shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus, hooks are easy to install and can be hung in any room of the house.

Idea 11: Use Stackable Bins for Shoes

Stackable bins come in various sizes and styles, from clear plastic to colorful fabric-covered options.

They can hold sneakers, sandals, boots, and even high heels. Stacking them makes for an attractive display that won’t take up too much floor space.

Idea 12: Use Hanging Space for Bags and Purses

Investing in a hanging organizer is an easy way to stay organized, and it can keep your teen’s backpack, bags, and purses off the floor.

Hanging organizers come in many different styles and sizes, so you can find one to fit your teen’s needs. They are also great for organizing sports equipment, backpacks, and purses.

Plus, hanging organizers are portable, so they can easily be moved around or taken on the go.

Idea 13: Use Clear Storage Bins

Clear storage bins are incredibly useful for organizing, sorting, and protecting your belongings.

They come in various sizes, materials, and styles to fit any space or purpose. Clear storage bins allow you to easily see the contents and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Clear storage bins can be stacked on top of each other to conserve space and help keep your things neat

closet ideas for teens

Idea 14: Use Storage Cubes for Folded Clothes

Storage cubes feature sturdy sides that allow you to stack or place them side-by-side, depending on your teenager’s bedroom. With storage cubes, you can keep your folded clothes neat and organized while keeping them out of sight when not in use.

Idea 15: Utilize Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers can quickly designate separate sections for items on the same shelf. They help keep things where they belong – no more need for searching through multiple piles.

It also helps keep items organized and prevents them from falling over or becoming mixed up with each other.

Idea 16: Use A Clothing Rack for Extra Storage

A clothing rack can store out-of-season clothing or even extra bedding and towels.

They can easily be moved around the house as needed, making them ideal for extra storage on short notice.

Idea 17: Use Bins or Baskets for Socks and Underwear

Bins or baskets can help ensure all your items, like teenage boys’ socks stay together in one place.

You can also use labels to help organize items like teenage boys’ socks. Each bin or basket can be labeled with a type of sock, such as dress socks or sports socks. This way, you know where to find what you need quickly and easily. Bins and baskets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a convenient way to store your socks and underwear neatly.

Idea 18: Use A Closet Organization System

A closet storage system is the way to go if you want to maximize your closet space.

It allows you to make the most of your available storage space and organize things efficiently.

With a smart storage system, you can add shelves, drawers, and hangers to create a customized organization solution for your clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and more.

Closet systems allow you to easily access items without rummaging through a cluttered closet. With the right system, you can make the most out of your storage space and keep your closet system looking neat and tidy.

Idea 19: Use Stackable Bins or Baskets for Folded Clothes

Stackable bins or baskets can be a great way to organize folded clothes.

It’s easy to find bins and baskets in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can quickly find something that matches or complements your home’s decor.

They’ll keep your folded clothes organized and easily accessible and also make it easier to transport your items from place to place. Usually stackable bins or baskets are often made of durable materials like plastic or metal.

Stackable bins or baskets are an excellent way to keep folded clothes organized and tidy. The tight-fitting lids ensure that everything stays secure and dust-free as well.

closet ideas for teens

Idea 20: Use Under-Shelf Baskets for Extra Storage

Under-shelf baskets are a great way to add extra storage space in a teen’s closet.

The under-shelf baskets can be installed easily and take up less space than traditional shelving.

The baskets are perfect for holding smaller items such as socks, underwear, jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.

They can also store larger items like shoes and folded clothes. With the extra storage provided by the under-shelf baskets, your teen will have plenty of room to store all their stuff and stay organized.

Idea 21: Use A Hanging Sweater Organizer

A sweater hanging storage is great for keeping clothes off the floor. As we all know, teens like to drop things wherever (or, at least, that’s my experience, lol!).

With its adjustable shelves and compartments, hanging sweater organizers can accommodate different sizes of sweaters, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Idea 22: Try a More Minimal Capsule Wardrobe

As teens grow, they become more aware of how they look. Teens want to look nice, especially if they want to feel more grown-up.

A minimalist capsule wardrobe is a great way to ensure all the clothes go together. Plus, they’ll help eliminate unneeded clutter.

How do you get started with a teen capsule wardrobe?

Start with the basics. Consider pieces like a black or navy hoodie, white and black t-shirts, a pair of dark jeans or pants, a neutral skirt, and a few tops in basic colors.

Add some variety to your wardrobe by including statement pieces, too. Think about pieces such as patterned hoodies, shirts, or dresses. You can also add accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry.

Idea 23: Use A Hanging Hat Organizer

With a hanging hat organizer, you can keep all your accessories together in one place. Using vertical space also helps free up room in your closet or drawers.

The organizers are easy to install and come with adjustable hooks. You can fit them into any size space.

Idea 24: Use A Hanging Scarf Organizer

A functional closet should have a hanging scarf organizer, especially if you’re like me and own literally DOZENS of scarves. An organizer is great for keeping scarves in a visible and easy-to-reach area.

This can be very helpful if you have a large collection of scarves that your teenage girl wants to keep neatly organized.

Idea 25: Use A Hanging Belt Organizer

Teens grow fast, and so will their teenage closet! Tidying belts is a quick win for a more organized closet.

You can hang a belt organizer inside or on the closet door.

What can I use instead of a closet?

Plenty of other storage solutions can help keep your home neat and organized if you don’t have a closet. A great alternative to a closet is an armoire.

An armoire typically has two doors, shelves, drawers, and hanging space.

You can use this piece of furniture to store clothing, linens, books, and much more! Another option is using bookcases or cabinets with vertical storage.

These pieces are great for storing shoes, bags, and accessories.

If you don’t have much floor space, you can avoid having clothes on the floor by adding floating shelves or wall-mounted shelves to your walls.

This will allow you to remodel or get creative with the styling while taking advantage of unused wall space.

How can I organize my closet in 15 minutes?

Organizing your closet in 15 minutes can be daunting, but it is possible.

Start by taking everything out of your closet. Then sort the clothes into piles. Separate piles based on what you plan to keep and what you plan to donate or discard.

Once the piles are made, decide how you want to store the items that you are keeping.

Hang up the clothes that need to be hung up and fold the ones that go in drawers or on shelves.

Then put everything back in the closet according to what type of clothing items it is (dresses together, shirts together, etc.).

Finally, store items like shoes, bags, hats, etc., in bins or baskets so they don’t get cluttered. These steps should help you quickly organize your closet in just 15 minutes!

How can I organize my closet with no money?

Organizing a closet with no money can be done, although it may take more effort than spending money on storage containers.

Start by sorting through your items, keeping the ones you need and getting rid of the ones you don’t. Afterward, try organizing them by category, such as work attire, casual wear, and shoes.

You can use boxes or baskets to store items like hats and jewelry. If possible, hang items in order, from short sleeve shirts to sweatshirts and heavier jackets.

Lastly, use space under your bed or other furniture for extra storage. With a little bit of creativity and time, you can organize your closet without spending a penny!

How do I organize my kids shared closet?

Organizing a shared closet for kids can be a daunting task. The best way to start is by sorting out clothes that don’t fit anymore or are too worn or stained to wear.

Separate these items into donation and trash piles and then move on to the remaining items. Divide the clothing by size and type so that it’s easy to find what you need when you need it.

Hang up shirts, jackets, and other items that wrinkle easily on hangers, and use bins and shelves for clothing that doesn’t require hanging.

Label each item with a name tag, so your kids know who owns what. Finally, store shoes in boxes or clear containers so they won’t get mixed up.

You can easily organize your kids’ shared closet with a few simple steps!

Is there an app that organizes your closet?

Yes, there is an app that can help you organize your closet! Closet Space is a great app to help you keep track of what’s in your wardrobe.

It allows you to enter items into categories such as tops, bottoms, and shoes and also keeps track of what you’ve worn and when. You can even create looks and save them for future reference.

With the app, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting what’s in your closet again.

Plus, it helps reduce clutter by showing you which items you haven’t worn in a while so that you can donate or give away those items if you wish.

Closet Space makes organizing easy and convenient – no more stressing over a messy closet!

Let’s Wrap Up

If you want to shape your teen’s closet, you’ve come to the right place! Keeping a neat closet can help you – and your teen – save time and stress when getting ready for the day.

Hopefully, you found some great ideas to get started with your closet.

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