How to Style a Farmhouse Chic Coffee Bar


If you’re anything like me, coffee fuels the day.  Wake up?  Coffee.  Mid morning?  Coffee?  Early afternoon?  Yup.  You got it.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  And, sure, being a new mama certainly makes me a bit more reliant on the old “bean of life.”  But to be fair, I’ve always loved a cup of Joe.  There’s something very soothing and calming about the ritual of making a warm cup of java each morning.  When we move into our new house in the next few months, I can’t wait to style a dedicated nook just for my favorite beverage.  If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you know that styled coffee bars are a thang, but you may not know where to begin creating a cute little space in your home.  Want to learn more?  Keep on reading to learn three tried and true tip for how to style a farmhouse chic coffee bar!

Before we jump into how to style a farmhouse chic coffee bar, can we take a quick pause to note how cool that graphic is?  I just learned how to create clickable images (and am feeling like a real genius over here!).  If you want to learn more, click on the image above and an affiliate link will take you over to the product page.  As always, I’m paying attention to both style and affordability so you won’t end up looking at a $125 coffee mug.  (Coffee should taste like wine for that amount of cash, know what I’m saying?)

Onto the tips!

Coffee Bar Decor Tip 1: Work in Levels

When you’re styling your nook, you want to utilize as much space as possible. In all likelihood, you’re using a counter or console table as a base.  Consider this your middle level.  Now look up and down.  Are you able to incorporate additional levels above and below?  Console tables, like this cutie from Wayfair, have the benefit of additional shelving underneath the main surface.

These additional shelves are perfect for cute storage options.  I’m loving this metal storage box from H&M Home.  It’d be a great place to tuck away extra supplies, like filters or unopened bags of Java.  Plus, because it’s metal, compared to fabric or a basket, it’d be easier to wipe down and keep clean.  And it’ll definitely keep it’s shape over time with lots of wear.  (Anyone else get annoyed with fabric storage containers get slumpy?  Also is “slumpy” even a word?  No?  Nevermind.)

Above your console table or counter, establish a higher level that’ll draw the eye upward.  This higher level is a great place to incorporate additional storage, whether it be a floating shelf or hanging rack.  This super cute wall-mounted metal and wood rack is actually intended for coats, but also make a cute mug rack to display drink ware.

Coffee Bar Decor Tip 2: Incorporate Intriguing Art

To add interest to your coffee nook, don’t shy away from adding additional wall decor.  On Pinterest, you’ll see lots and lots of signs that say “coffee” hanging above a coffee bar.  If that’s a little too literal, check out some java inspired artwork.  I personally love this vintage looking art print from Target with illustrations of old school coffee making supplies.  (We actually used one of those little silver Bialetti stovetop espresso makers for a long time.  I loved it!)

Combining traditional art with other sizes and shapes of wall decor creates a unique gallery wall that adds personality and dimension.  This circular mirror with a leather strap incorporates an unexpected shape.  Combined with this industrial and rustic metal and wood arrow, the coffee bar now has a lot more life and texture!

Coffee Bar Tip 3: Go For Style and Function

Coffee can come with lots of accoutrements.  (That’s a big word that means add-ons.)  Sugar, creamer, Splenda, spoons, stirrers, flavors, and so on.  There’s lots of add-ons for a standard cup.  (I mean, Starbucks developed it’s own language to account all the varieties, right?)  Depending on how you and your family prefer their Joe, you’ll want to incorporate additional storage containers to keep the accessories at bay.

When choosing additional storage, keep an eye out for pieces that combine style and function.  How great are these vintage inspired glass storage jars from H&M?  They’d be perfect for keeping sugar and creamer on the ready or corralling all those little coffee pods if you’re a single brew kinda gal.  I particularly love the contrast between the glass jars and these oversized black mugs.  Because if you’re anything like me, the mug will need to be larger that your whole face.

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