10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier


Can we be real for a minute?  Adulting is hard.  Between the unfolded laundry, mountains of unwashed dishes, and soap streaks running a marathon down the shower walls, there’s always one thing or another that needs attention.  And this is on top of everything else we’re juggling: caring for our kids, walking the dog, and remembering to put on pants before we leave the house. 

After surviving the daily grind, most of us crave a welcoming, comfy place to kick off our shoes.  Often, though, creating a home we love can be a daunting and seemingly expensive endeavor.   (Anyone else not have an extra $10K sitting around to remodel their living rooms from the Pottery Barn catalog?  No?  Crazy.) 

But, hey, I’m gonna lay it to you straight: creating a pretty, cozy home doesn’t need to take years or cost thousands.  And taking small steps can make a ginormous difference.  Does coming home to a comfy, cozy resting spot sound like a dream come true?  Then keep on reading for 10 simple ways to make your home feel more cozy, easily and affordably (including with this gorgeous free print!)

Cozy Idea 1:  Embrace Neutral Bedding

After a long, hectic day, resting your head in a calm and soothing space can feel like a giant, much needed exhale.  While neon comforters and polka dot sheets have their places, you might consider swapping out your bedding for a milder color palette to soothe the mood in your master bedroom.  Creams, grays, beiges, whites, and subtle shades of blue and brown can all feel restful.  

Cozy Idea 2: Banish Technology

I’m gonna admit something off the bat: we struggle with this one in our house. I’ll admit, it’s way too easy to veg out, my iPhone in hand, waiting for sleep to steal me away.  The nights I tuck my technology away, however, feel far more cozy and relaxed.  Reading a good book before slumber feels much more restful and gives my brain a chance to truly wind down.  

Cozy Idea 3: Add Aromatherapy

Did you know that adding scents to our spaces not only provides a pleasing and welcoming fragrance, but also provides health benefits?  It’s true.  According to the Mayo Clinic, scientific studies have shown that adding aromatherapy can provide relief for anxiety and depression, improve sleep patterns, and even lessen pain.  (And I thought it just smelled nice when my husband bought me a diffuser!)  I personally use (and love) the Ellia Blosson Aromatherapy diffuser, which I love because it’s pretty, neutral, and keeps on chugging along.  Don’t know which scents to try?  Lavender is always a winner for calming down, and tea tree oil or orange make the room feel clean.

Cozy Idea 4: Incorporate Lovely Artwork

Hanging beautiful artwork in your home is a great way both to add your personal stamp to your space and to bring in calm and warm energy.  This week, I’m thrilled to feature Jessica, the artisan behind Rosebud Designs Shop, who has generously provided this bonus to the Home Beautifully family.   With a love for words, design, and lettering, Jessica is a small town girl from Colorado with a big talent.  Be sure to hop to her shop to check out other amazing pieces.  And thank you again, Jessica, for providing this amazing bonus to the Home Beautifully tribe!  Want to download the bonus?  Scroll down to hop to the Home Beautifully Resource Collection, where we showcase dozens of pretty art prints, all free for subscribers!

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Want to Download this Free Art Print?

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Cozy Idea 5: Dim the Lights

To create a more intimate vibe, turn down the bright lights.  Consider flicking off your overhead light for a reading lamp with a lower wattage.  While they may not be the most energy efficient option, old school, incandescent bulbs might provide more relaxing light to your space.  Another idea?  Light up some candles for a cozy glow.  Scatter tea lights throughout the room or light a few pillar candles by your bed stand for a relaxing night time glow.  …Just be sure to blow them out before you catch your zzzz’s!

Cozy Idea 6: Clear the Clutter

I don’t know about you, but if I see old t-shirts strewn across the bedroom or dirty dishes piled across the kitchen table and counters, I am physically incapable of relaxing.  And that’s not to mention the stacks of papers! Does anyone else have mountains paper piles? (Or my husband the only one?)  I’m certainly not going to say that in order to get cozy, we need to organize every single thing.  (Not gonna happen!)  But I’ve found that if I at least tidy the clutter, I can exhale.  Pile the laundry into a designated basket that’s tucked in a closet, out of sight til you’re ready to do it.  Heave the mountain of papers into a storage bin til you have time to sort it.  And the dishes?  Move the mountain closer to or in the sink and wipe down the counters.  Hey, small steps count and they make a world of difference!

Cozy Idea 7: Soften Up Your Blankets

Tossing a cozy throw over a couch or at the foot of your bed adds an instant and inviting warmth to your space.  And is there anything better than snuggling under a blanket in the evening wine or tea in hand?  (Yeah, there’s not. Except for maybe a bubble bath, which is similarly cozy.)  Throw blankets are often overlooked in the home decor world.  If you’re anything like me, you probably hang onto your bedding for a long, long time.  Choosing cozy throws that get more comfy with time will serve you well for seasons to come.  

Cozy Idea 8: Overdo the Pillows

Similarly to blankets, throw pillows add instant coziness to couches and chairs.  How many?  The more the better!  Plus, pillows are easy to switch up for affordable seasonal decor. Like the recommendations for blankies, stick to fabrics that beg to be touched.  The more luxe the fabric feels, the better!

Cozy Idea 9:  Add Natural Elements

Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to make your interiors more inviting.  No matter your skill level as a horticulturalist, there’s a variety of plants that’ll suit you and look great in your home.  (And if you’re anything like me and have an amazing ability to kill greenery, artificial plants are a wonderful option!)  Spider plants, philodendra, and ivy look gorgeous inside.  You can also look for easy trailing house plants to have your foliage drip from shelves and countertops.  Gorgeous!  Succulents are also beautiful, easy options.  And artificial succulents?  I can hardly tell them apart from the real McCoy!

Cozy Idea 10: Embrace the Imperfection

If we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, there will always be something left to do: laundry to fold, sheets to wash, or marinara sauce to scrub out of the white carpet (#truestory).  Our lives are not Pottery Barn catalogs, nor should they be.  Beauty lives in the imperfection of our lives and in the small moments that may or may not be picture-frame worthy.   Remember that you have the power to create the home (and life!) you desire, even if that means leaning a little more into the coziness of the chaos.  Don’t forget that small steps and changes can have a big impact.  Whether it’s wrapping a snuggly blanket around you after a stressful day, dimming the lights and soaking up comforting smells, or trading kind words with someone who loves you, little moments make all the difference.

What small steps will you take to make your home feel cozier?