3 Brilliant Ways to Decorate a Boring Hallway



How to Decorate a HallwayYou guys.  I have something I need to tell you.  (Ahem, ahem.)  I have the world’s most boring hallway.  I didn’t even realize I did until recently.  Seriously, it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I stopped in the middle of our (kind of really) long hallway and looked around.  Bare walls, bare floors, bare … everything.  So I’ve spent the last little while doing some imaginary shopping and playing with ways that I might end up decorating my boring hallway.  After lots of research (and by research I mean playing on Amazon and other online stores), I’ve discovered that there’s a few tried and true ways to decorate a long and boring space.  (Did I mention it’s boring?)  Keep on reading for 3 brilliant ways to decorate a boring hallway.  (Have fun browsing my ideas!  The pics use some affiliate links.)

Add a Narrow Piece of Furniture

While most homes keep their hallways strictly as a passageway from one room to another, I’ve been playing with the idea of making our hallway a little more functional.  I love the idea of turning it into a cozy seating area, or a command center, or a little nook somehow.  I recently built a gorgeous farmhouse bench (for only $25!) that might look perfect in this space.  (Or it might look awful.  I didn’t actually measure the hallway before building the bench!  I sincerely hope it fits!)

If the bench doesn’t fit, perhaps I’ll look into other narrow pieces of furniture that could look great, like these ideas that would tuck nicely in a narrow space:

Lay an Interesting Runner

We’re lucky in our house to have pretty gorgeous hardwood floors, but now that our baby’s walking (well, stumbling), the idea of carpet is a little more appealing.  Plus to break up the space, a runner would look a bit more appealing and add some needed color and texture throughout the hallway.  We’d need a pretty long runner for our hallway since it’s pretty long connecting the front door to the kitchen.  I’ve puttered around online and found some great options.  I love the texture of natural fibers, but also adore the pops of color in other fabrics.  Decisions, decisions.

Accessorize it Up

Here’s the thing about hallways: they’re sort of functional. And while they’re particularly good at serving a purpose, they’re not as fun as, say, a windowed living room or a master bedroom when it comes to being a blank canvas.  But who says functional needs to be boring?  I’m thinking I could add some shelving, maybe a cute gallery wall, and even some cute little accessories and bedazzle our boring hallway right on up.  (My husband would put a ban on bedazzling the hallway.  I’ll probably need to frame this idea out a little differently when I present it.)  Like, this combo of hallway bedazzling could be super cute:

Let me know what you think of these ideas!  Any combos strike your fancy?  Do you have any other ideas for decorating a hallway?

All my love, from my house to yours!