Have You Read This PHENOMENAL DIY Blog?! 7 DIY Blogs to Read TODAY!


I’m gonna admit something: I LOVE blogs.  Love them!  I’ve been writing a blog on and off for pretty much ever (since, oh… 2004? 2005? FOR.EV.ER.)  But in addition to writing a blog, I LOVE reading blogs.  And in particular, I love reading DIY blogs.  I find them SO SO inspiring.  So I’ve been stalking, erhm, I mean, reading other DIY blogs like a mad gal.  And I’ve compiled a list of my fave DIY bloggers you gotta check out … right now!  Curious to see who you just gotta meet?  Then keep on reading!

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7 Phenomenal DIY Blogs You Gotta Read… Today!

You ready to meet some ahhhh-mazing DIY bloggers?  Here they are, in no particular order: some of the most talented (and nicest) DIYers in the world.  Check out my top picks for DIY blogs you gotta read.

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DIY Blog to Love #1: A Crafted Passion

Everyone, lemme introduce you to Amanda, over at A Crafted Passion.  In her gorgeous, modern-inspired blog, she shares easy DIY tutorials for busy mamas to create, decorate, and celebrate.  Here projects and pictures are oh-so-pretty.  (And the girl’s Instagram game is SO strong!  Her feed is GORG.)

I’ll definitely devote a whole ‘nother post down the road, showcasing my top ten fave posts from each blog.  But for now, here’s two that you definitely need to check out:  how to make a puff quilt and how to throw an epic hot chocolate party.  (OMG, yum!)


DIY Blog to Love #2: Love and Renovations

Next up?  The incredible Amanda and Corey over at Love and Renovations! Honestly, I don’t know what these two can’t do.  Their home is seriously #goals.  And I really love that their style is a great blend of timeless and boho.  I kinda just want to invite myself over.  Would that be weird?  Um, yep.  Probably.

Amanda (yup, another DIY lady named Amanda!) seems to be able to conquer any DIY project, and she makes it look easy.  Honestly, I find her whole approach to DIY really encouraging because I’m always left feeling like I could tackle the project, too!

Again, I’ll definitely follow up with another post showcasing my fave 8 to 10 projects.  But for now, be sure to check out these: how to use Lowes peel and stick flooring and how to create a kitchen gallery wall.  And, guys, seriously?  Can we just talk about that yellow bar cart?  SWOON.

DIY Blog to Love #3: Amber Oliver

If you love fun, bright colors and a high energy happiness, then you definitely need to meet Amber at  Amber-Oliver.com.  She’s a tech guru with an amazing talent for DIY projects and home decor.  And she’s got such a great joy and humor about her that really shines through her blog posts.

Honestly, I find myself always smiling when I read her projects!  Maybe it’s her absolutely fearless use of color?  I wish I were that fun with my color choices!  She rocks ’em.  Even more, though, she’s also fearless wielding a power tool.  You gotta check out these two woodworking posts to see what I mean.

Check out these outdoor farm table plans (fo’ free, you guys!) and these DIY cornhole boards.  So fun!  (Is there anything better than a summertime barbeque with some good ol’ cornhole?  No.  There isn’t.  It’s the BEST.)

DIY Blog

DIY Blog to Love #4: Making Manzanita

I’m always so impressed with Chelsea’s projects at Making Manzanita.  She tackles some serious reno in her home, but honestly?  Her site is also so soothing!  Her laid-back vibe is easy and fun, and I always grab some awesome ideas from her DIY blog.

Want to know some of my faves?  I ADORE her tutorial on how to add a vintage medicine cabinet in a bathroom.  So smart and clever!  (And, hello?  Beautiful much?) . Also, her tutorial on how to faux shiplap walls has got me feeling ALL the farmhouse vibes.

Plus, she uses videos in her tutorials, which is super helpful for peeps like me who learn visually.  (High five for the video tutorials!  Who else feels me on that?)

DIY Blog to Love #5: Small Stuff Counts

Alright, you guys, my go-to gal for all things organizing?  Emily.  No lie, Emily from Small Stuff Counts BLOWS. ME. AWAY. with her organization skills.  I feel like I’m always learning a thing or two about how to simplify, plan, and keep my head on straight from her blog.

She has SO MANY tutorials, not only for organizing but also for crafting and decorating.  And her site is pretty much a playground for learning and trying new tips and tricks to decorate, create, and organize.

I encourage you to check out her resources, but if you’re looking for a quick few recommendations, don’t worry.  I’ll point ya in the right direction.  To begin, be sure to grab her free printable storage labels and check out her post on how to create a car cleaning kit.  (Yup, my ride?  It could use one of these kits for sure.  Anyone else?)

DIY Blog to Love #6: Love Create Celebrate

Can I say something that might sound kinda weird?  I just kinda wanna curl up on Lindi’s blog, Love Create Celebrate, and stay awhile.  It’s SO beautiful and SO comfortable.  And honestly?  I feel like everything Lindi does is just oh-so-lovely.

Her aesthetic is clean and cozy, and I really admire her design choices.  Like some of the other bloggers here, Lindi makes DIY projects seem so easy.  Even when she’s tackling something that most people would leave to the pros!  (Seriously, guys, check out some of her room reveals and before and afters.  You’ll need to pick your jaws up off the floor.  No kidding.)

To get ya started, be sure to hop over to two of my absolute favorite projects she’s done: this gorgeous DIY sunburst mirror and this tutorial all about how to build your own bath table.  And, um… that bath table?  Yeah,  it has room for your wine.  Just saying.  She knows what’s up.

DIY Blog to Love #7:  Green with Decor

Last but certainly not least… DRUMROLL, PUHLEASE!  You guys, I’m delighted to introduce you to Meg from Green with Decor.  I absolutely adore Meg’s blog because she’s always reminding me to find beauty in unexpected ways.  Yep, Meg is pretty much the queen of furniture flips and the girl knows how to rock a paintbrush.

Be sure to check out her post about how to give your furniture a distressed, beat-up look, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I mean.  She also built this INCREDIBLE farmhouse table.  I mean, WOW.  Just wow.

Plus, she has got the farmhouse vibe down pat.  Meg reminds me that with a little grit, some tools, and a whole lot of creativity, you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  And all it takes is a little DIY magic to create a home that’s beautiful on a budget.

I hope you all loved meeting these amazing ladies and learning my top picks for the next DIY blog on your reading list!  Which project are you itching to try?  Pop a comment below!  And, as I promised, I’ll be sure to put each of these talented women in the spotlight so you can learn a little more about them.

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