10 Crazy Easy DIY Gardening Ideas You MUST Try!


Okay, okay, I’m going to be the first to admit that I’ve killed more plants in my day than I care to mention.  Even now, when I head to the gardening section, my husband side-eyes me and says something like, “Honey are ya SUUUUURE that’s a good idea?”  But, hey, these DIY gardening ideas below are so stinking easy that those of us without green thumbs have a fighting chance.

So if you’re like me, and you’re not quite so talented in the garden, then this post is for you.  Keep on reading to learn all about these crazy easy DIY gardening ideas!

DIY Gardening Ideas

10 Absolutely Crazy Easy DIY Gardening Ideas You MUST Try!

Here’s the thing:  I never start out intending to kill my plants.  And, you know what?  I have success with enough frequency (one out of every ten plants live, I’d guess) that I’m always kind of motivated to try again.

So if you’re on the hunt for the easiest (I mean the EASIEST!) DIY gardening ideas around, then I gotcha covered.  Let’s dig in.  (See what I did there?  Dig in.  Like into dirt.  Ah, so puny.)

House of Hawthornes Container Gardening

I love the creativity Pam has in this post!  The tips and ideas for creating the perfect combo in a container are so helpful!  If you need beginner friendly advice for rocking container gardening like a boss, this post is for you!

DIY Gardening Ideas

Little House Living Simple Gardening Project

If you’re stuck on how to incorporate gardening into your small spaces, you gotta check this out!  Merissa shows so many great easy DIY gardening ideas to create places of interest using things you might already have on hand.  So clever!

DIY Gardening Ideas

An Oregon Cottage Vegetable Garden Design

In this post, Jami walks you through some fantastic ideas for designing an easy-as-pie garden.  Step-by-step, she shows you exactly how to grow a successful garden!

DIY Gardening Ideas

A Piece of Rainbow Vegetable Garden Trick

Alright, for all you readers with side packets to spare, this article is for you.  Ananda shows you her tips and tricks for jump starting your garden from seeds.  So smart!

DIY Gardening Ideas

Consumer Crafts DIY Herb Garden

This DIY project is as practical as it is cute!  I’m definitely making this for our kitchen!

DIY Gardening Ideas

Frugal Family Home DIY Bean Pea Trellis

Wow!  This is another super creative post from Shelly over at Frugal Family Home.  If you’re looking to grow tall plants — think sunflowers or pole beans — you absolutely gotta check this out!

DIY Gardening Ideas

3 Little Green Woods Hanging Baskets 

Looking to spice up your porch with some hanging baskets?

DIY Gardening Ideas

The Blondielocks DIY Succulent Garden

Want a super beautiful, pretty fool proof DIY garden?  Then succulents are absolutely the way to go!  Kaylee shows you step-by-step how to create the prettiest DIY garden that’s oh-so-simple, too.

DIY Gardening Ideas

The Honeycomb Home DIY Raised Herb Garden

So you have no extra ground available for planting?  Well, Roxanne is gonna save the day for ya with this incredibly cute (super practical!) raised herb garden.  I can’t wait to try this one!

DIY Gardening Ideas

I Heart Naptime Fairy Garden

DIY Gardening Ideas

This sweet fairy garden would add such a lovely little touch to your front porch!  I love how fairy gardens are both so beautiful and so charming! 

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Thanks so much for popping by Home Beautifully, and I hope you enjoyed reading all about these easy and fun DIY gardening ideas!  Pop a comment below to let me know which project you loved the most and can’t wait to dig into!