Happy Fall Y’All Art Print from Humble Bee


]Pumpkin season is upon us!  I, for one, am embracing the fall like a long lost friend.  Lemme lay it straight: ninety degree California weather isn’t for the super pregnant or faint of heart.  With t-minus one week until Baby Girl makes her entrance into the world, I am ready to welcome fall and colder weather singing joyfully from the rooftops.  Who’s with me?  I’m so SO thrilled to introduce you to Home Beautifully’s featured artisan, Robin, the talented mama and designer behind Humble Bee Prints.  With excitement for hoodies, plaid blankets, and crunchy leaves in mind, Robin’s designed this exclusive free fall art print just for the Home Beautifully family.  Want to download this free fall art print?  Then keep on reading!

Exclusive Fall Art Print by HumbleBee Prints

Happy Fall Y’All Art Print from Humble Bee

Robin and I met on Instagram, where I fell in love with her charming and cozy illustrations and art prints.  We knew right away that a collaboration would fit fantastically — after all, the Home Beautifully family adores pretty, affordable art prints!  After we chatted for a while, we stumbled onto the great idea of having Home Beautifully’s readers pick their favorite sayings for fall.  Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their amazing ideas on Instagram!  We sifted through the submissions, picked a winner, and Robin designed this exclusive bonus for us based on our input.  How amazing is that?!

The Humble Bee Prints Story

Why is Robin the featured artisan this week?  In addition to her stunning designs, her mission to bring quality art and beauty into homes at an affordable price immediately resonated with me.  Want to learn more about Robin?

In her words, here’s how Humble Bee Prints was born:

As a Seattle native, the digital world has never been a stranger to me. With our ever present technology industry, skills like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were a part of my skill set starting in high school. As a teacher (though now a stay at home mama), I used Photoshop to help me in the classroom with my littles. As a mama, it’s a bit of a different story.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was beyond thrilled to begin decorating his nursery and make it our own little sanctuary. However, as I began to do my shopping and “nesting” for our little, I was absolutely astounded by the prices of decorations; something as simple as a generic artwork print selling upwards of $20 at times?! Thus began my journey BACK into Photoshop to create pieces for my son’s nursery: of my experimentations and creations, I remember most fondly a tiny little watercolor bumble bee print, part of the inspiration for the shop’s name. Humble, because I don’t think anybody should have to spend tons of money to decorate their special “spaces” (we stay 100% digital to allow you the convenience and money saving option of printing however you like), and the bee to signify the hard work and humility of the tiny bumble bee.  And so Humble Bee Prints was born!

If you’re loving this print, feel free to click the pin below to share the love with your online tribe.  With a bucketload of heartfelt thanks to Robin, enjoy the print and happy fall!

Download This Free Art Print

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