Fall Bucket List for Fun Autumn Activities


Ever feel like you’ve blinked twice and an entire season’s gone by?  Blink, blink, then all of a sudden I’m trading in my bikinis for a winter coat.  (That’s a lie — I don’t actually own any bikinis right now that would fit past my kneecaps.)   As much as I adore the fall (and I do!) I’ll admit that it’s all together too easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and not take time to enjoy the season.  Between back to school and the upcoming holidays, we can often get caught up in the whirlwind of activities and before we know it, BAM, it’s Christmas.  This year, let’s take the opportunity to really bite into the autumn crispness, shall we?  There are tons of fun things to do in the fall for both children and adults!  Looking for an amazing fall to do list?  I gotcha, pal.  Keep on reading below for an ultimate fall bucket list, with variations for both toddlers and couples!

Fall Bucket ListAutumn Activities and Fall Bucket List Ideas

Fun fall activities for adults and kids?  These bucket lists have you covered.

What’s on the Couple’s Fall Bucket List?  All the goodies that make autumn cozy.  From sipping mulled wine to simmering chili, snuggling by candlelight to hiking through red and golden leaves, this list will have you enjoying the transition from summer to winter.

And on the Toddler’s Adventure list?  Lots of activities for your kids to enjoy the season!  The list includes lots of great sensory activities like jumping in a leaf pile and bobbing for apples, as well as activities to empower mindfulness and empathy, like creating a thankful tree.

Free Fall Bucket List Printable

Fall Bucket List

Want to print out the fall bucket list to tick off your seasonal to dos?  This pretty, free printable is yours!  Created as an exclusive bonus the Home Beautifully subscribers, the art print will not only remind you of great autumn activities, but also will add a pretty touch to your home decor … at an affordable and budget friendly price (read: free!  YAY!).

To download the print, hop to the Home Beautifully Resource Collection, click on the image, and print the PDF.  The couple’s bucket list is labelled “Fall Bucket List.”  And, the toddler friendly bucket list is called “Fall Adventure List.”  So you can tell them apart!