Farmhouse Decor for $30 or Less!


If you’ve been following this blog or my Instagram for a happy second, you know that I’m all about inexpensive and beautiful home decor.  And, yes, I’ll admit, I have a thing for farmhouse chic style.  You guessed it: I’ve been watching too much Fixer Upper.  Whenever I have friends pop over to my home, they always ask how I manage to find such great buys without spending money.  How do I do it?  The answer for finding awesome, inexpensive farmhouse decor is easy: thrift stores, lots of paint, and good ol’ Amazon.  As a heads up, I’m adding some affiliate links to these awesome finds.  Let’s get browsing!

Chic Farmhouse Decor on a Budget

Fresh and Easy Farmhouse Finds

Want to learn a little bit more about these picks?  Yup, they’re chosen for good reasons!  Keep on scrolling below for more details.

Rustic Living Room Touches

This Decorbox Compass Arrow Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover” is less than $6 with free shipping. That’s nuts! Granted, you need the pillow insert for this, but still.  Amazon has those super inexpensive, too.

Okay, I’ve been meaning to make a super cute rustic ladder to hold our blankies, but I’m almost convinced that this 5′ Reclaimed Barnwood Rustic Ladder might be a better deal.  I mean, seriously?  Only $22?  I’m not certain I’d be able to get all the lumber at Home Depot for that price.  And, okay, the shipping is a little pricey (another $18), but still.  With the cost of the wood and the time it’d take to make the project, this Amazon version might just still be worth it.  What do you think?

Charming knick knacks add perfect farmhouse touches to bookshelves and mantles, and this adorable little Vintage Lantern from Kate Aspen would look so sweet on against knotty wood.  Plus, it’s less than $5, and that’s including shipping.  No kidding.

Farm Fresh Kitchen Picks

I love the crisp white of this Creative Co-op Coffee Tea Sugar Enamel Metal Containers. It’s nice that they’re made of enamel and metal versus porcelain or clay. I’ve had a few similar canisters that have chipped over time. Let’s be honest, though.  That one that says “tea”?  Yup.  It’d be filled with more coffee in our house.  For $13 with free Prime shipping?  Not a bad deal!

Looking for a basket to hold your fruits and veggies?  Don’t know about you, but our apples are constantly rolling across the counter.  This Gathering Basket is less than $17 with Prime shipping. Apparently it’s supposed to be used to gather eggs, but we get our eggs next to the milk in the dairy aisle, so… apples it will be!

We actually don’t have anything quite like this Galvanized Metal Watering Jug in our house, which makes me kind of itchy now that I realize how perfect it would be holding some hydrangeas on our dining room table or maybe perched on our outdoor bench next to our oversized ceramic flower pots. The galvanized metal gives the watering jug a really sweet aged touch, which would be perfect to add farmhouse style.  Plus, less than $30?  Yes, please.

We don’t have any decorations hanging on the wall of our kitchen, which makes me think this cute little Farmhouse Kitchen Sign would be a good addition. It’s made out of metal, and you can customize the sign with any date you want. Plus, it’s less than $20 bucks with shipping. Score!

Bedroom Fixer Upper Style

How adorable would this Old Rustic Barnwood Frame look above a mantle with an oversized wreath hung in front? Or above a headboard? Swoon. I’m crazy about old barnwood, and this frame looks like it’s been weathered and aged naturally. Love! Plus only 20 bucks? Not bad at all.

And, okay okay, I know I already threw a pillow in the mix, but how cute is this little Burlap Deer throw pillow? Plus, YOU GUYS, it’s only $4.25 and free shipping.


Fresh and Easy Farmhouse Finds for Under $30I hope you loved this farmhouse decor round up! It was fun for me to “online shop” and find inspiration. Let me know in the comments below where you’d appreciate more inspiration! The kitchen? Bedding? Front porch decor?

As always, lots of love from my house to yours!