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Between Fixer Upper, the Magnolia Journal, Rae Dunn, and Etsy, farmhouse-style accessories have taken over home decor.  From shiplap to rustic signs, chippy paint to wrought iron, farmhouse style interior decor is everywhere!

And let’s be fair, there’s something simple, vintage, and just plain charming about farmhouse decor.  The only thing that’s not so charming?  A hefty price tag!  Thankfully farmhouse interior decor isn’t too hard to DIY or find on a dime!  Check out these beautiful farmhouse home decor home accessories for less than $49!

Brilliant, Affordable Farmhouse Decor Inspiration!



Affordable, Beautiful Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

Each photo below is linked so you can click and learn more about the items shown!  Each of these beautiful pieces has been handmade by an artisan on Etsy.  Made by hand, these farmhouse home decor accessories have an imperfect, organic feel that adds to their rustic charm.  Note that they’re each linked out to their product page (using affiliate links) so that you can learn more about the pieces and the artist who created them.

How to Decorate with Farmhouse Home Decor Accessories

So how do you begin incorporating affordable farmhouse style decor into your home?  While it may be tempting to shiplap a whole wall or paint everything white (trust me, it is!), like most things, it’s best to go slowly and purposefully.  Consider the following when incorporating a farmhouse style into your home:

Farmhouse Inspired Color Palettes

When choosing color palettes, my go-to place is always Pinterest!  On Pinterest, do a search for farmhouse-inspired color palettes.  You’ll see a lot of neutral tones, shades of beige, with sprinkles of grey and blue.  Muted tones reign supreme, as do organic hues like browns and greens.  But that’s not to say farmhouse decor doesn’t incorporate color!  It does!  Pops of brick red or sunny yellow add lovely juxtaposition to more neutral shades.

Organic and Elemental Accessories

In addition to color palettes, consider the accessories you’re choosing when capturing your farmhouse home style.  Organic elements such as boxwood wreaths, rugged twine, and old straw add a lovely and natural touch.  Elemental features like galvanized tin, muted chrome, or mercury glass also contrast beautifully with the simplicity of farmhouse style.t]

Recycled and Repurposed Decor

For me, the beauty of farmhouse-inspired designs is incorporating vintage, pre-loved decorations in a new, charming way.  Old packing crates, weathered wooden boards, chippy white bottles, and distressed furniture all shine because of their imperfections and the stories that they carry.  Thrifting, visiting estate sales, or meandering flea markets are sure ways to stumble upon gorgeous, unique pieces that would find new life in your home.

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