Free Farmhouse Inspired Print from Andi Coleman Design


Andi Coleman Designs Farmhouse Inspired Print

Free Farmhouse Print from Andi Coleman Design

At Home Beautifully, we’re all about bringing simplicity and beauty into our lives and homes.  A handpicked bouquet of flowers, a comfortable nook for resting, or a vintage-inspired art decoration, these little touches bring warmth and comfort to our everyday lives.  

This week, I’m over the moon to introduce you to the incredibly talented Andi Coleman, owner of Andi Coleman Designs, who created this beautiful, farmhouse-inspired print, which is an exclusive bonus for the Home Beautifully family!

Andi Coleman Designs Farmhouse Inspired Print

This farmhouse-inspired print looks stunning on its own and even more beautiful when framed and paired with its companion print to complete the quote.  

When paired together, the prints share the following lovely quote:

I must have flowers, always and always – Claude Monet

I adore this vintage and farmhouse-inspired art print because it reminds me that life’s joy is often about the little things.  Taking a pause to notice the simple, small touches that bring us joy makes everyday life extraordinary.  Too often, we succumb to the siren song of busyness.  And, as a recent (incredible) talk from Brene Brown reminded me, we cannot allow our busyness to prevent the truth of our lives from catching up with us.  If you have twenty minutes and need to fill your cup up, I definitely recommend you listen to this talk.

Also, this print reminds me that beauty doesn’t need to be found in things that are new and shiny.  We live in a very commercial society, with constant cultural messaging and marketing that tells us that happiness is found in consumerism and achievement.  If only we bought this, acquired this, excelled at that, or strived for this, our lives would feel more content or complete.

But wasn’t Monsieur Monet onto something a century ago?  “I must have flowers, always and always.” To him, I would say, mais bien sûr, monsieur!  (But of course!  Because, obviously, me and Monet would be besties and I could be super casual.)

Flowers don’t beep at us for our attention, and they don’t tell us our hips will look smaller with a more expensive pair of jeans.  Flowers don’t require us to open a new credit line to have a modicum of pleasure in our lives, and flowers certainly don’t subvert joy with passive-aggressive marketing to make our lives feel a little less complete.  Rather, flowers are a simple pleasure, without pretense or agenda, and add simple, honest beauty in the smallest but most important ways.

And sure, I’ve now made flowers a rather large metaphor for our lives’ simple joys.  But why not?  I certainly need a reminder from time to time (read: every day.)

The print is designed to be printed up to an 11 by 14, which would make a gorgeous statement in your home. You can print it like a poster at your favorite office supply or shipping store, like FedEx, Staples, or Office Max.

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In the meantime, be sure to hop over to Andi’s shop on Etsy to check out the companion print and dozens of gorgeous prints she has in her shop.  And, when you download the print, be sure to tag Andi (@_andicoleman) and I (@homebeautifully) so that we can see (and share!) your beautiful pics with the Home Beautifully family!

As always lots of love, from my house to yours,