Free SVG Files – Grab this Pretty Iris Download


Hi friends!  Cynthia here, back for another free SVG file.  If you recall, this is part of a 30-day mental health challenge to get my creative juices revved during this crazy pandemic.  Up today?  This pretty iris download?  Want to grab this beautiful free iris SVG file?  Keep on reading!

iris download - free svg files

Grab This Pretty Free Iris SVG File

This download is so pretty and has an almost elegant feel to it!  I hope you love it as much as I do.

You’ll notice that I’m giving you a few versions of this file, in addition to the SVG file.

How Do I Use The Free Iris Files?

I’m giving you the files a number of different ways – as an SVG, DXF, PNG, or JPEG.  Why so many options?  Let’s take a look at each.

SVG Files

If you’re like me, you can upload them into Easel to carve them with an x-carve CNC machine.  

iris download - free svg files

These files are great for multiple uses!  You can use them in Circuit machines for cutting vinyl or paper.  You can also use the Adobe programs, like Photoshop or Illustrator.  (You can even use them in the open-source versions of these products, Inkscape and Gimp)

Here’s how the file would look on a canvas tote:

iris download - free svg files

DXF Files

These files are great for folks who have the free version of the Silhouette studio.  Personally, I’m a Cricut person myself, but I wanted to provide this version of the file for those who aren’t.

PNG Files

The PNG version of this file is great because it has a transparent background.  If you want to upload the image onto a document with a different color background, this version of the file is the way to go!

iris download - free svg files

JPEG Files

Trusty JPEG files.  You can open this just about by any computer or phone.  This one has a white background.

How Can I Use These Free SVG Files?

These files are free for you to make products for personal use or commercial sale.  You can make gifts for your friends and family members or make your own products to sell. 

Please direct people to this webpage to download the files directly rather than send them via email or over social media.  Every visitor to this website helps keep my Starbucks fund alive, and good lord, mama needs coffee.

How Do I Get the Iris Download from the Free SVG Files?

To download the files, click the download button below.  The files will automagically download to your computer as a .zip file.



And if you haven’t seen some of the other files, be sure to check them out like this gorgeous free rose svg file, too! 

Best of luck!