Nice and Easy Free Mothers Day Card


Hi friends!  Happy May!  Hope everyone’s May is as joyful as a twirl around a maypole.   Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  And y’all KNOW how much I love my printable cards.  So if you’re in the market for a nice and easy free Mothers Day card, then keep on reading.  I gotcha covered!

Free Printable Mothers Day Card

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Grab This Nice and Easy Free Mothers Day Card!

How is it May already??  Over here, life’s been full of turns and twists, but I’m constantly reminded that we choose what makes us happy.

So it’s 6 am over here and I’m wide awake (why? how???).  And even though baby girl woke up 175728 times last night, I thought I’d EMBRACE THE COFFEE and pop on this site.

I’ve have this gorgeous printable Mothers Day card that I just cannot wait to show ya.

(And, hey, if you’re my husband and you’re reading this, YES, it’s okay to print this and give it to me.  Just put some coffee in it before you pop it in an envelope, mmmkay?)

Seriously though, I’ve come to learn that Mothers Day isn’t about the grand gestures.  I don’t need roses or chocolates or a big brunch out of the house with children who might melt down any second.  Nope, no thank ya.

But a sweet card with some kind words?  And maybe a family stroll in the sunshine?  All that sounds like peaches and cream over here.

So if you’re a no-frills, give-me-the-kind-words sorta mama (or you know a mama like that!), then this easy peasy Mothers Day card to make could be perfect for ya.

Free Printable Mothers Day Card

Materials Needed for Your Free Mothers Day Card

This card is super fast and easy you guys.  You’ll only need a few things (tagged with affiliate links in the list below.)

And while some of these may seem unneeded, I promise you the supplies will make all the difference between it looking handmade and artisan.

I’ve included the supplies below, linked with affiliate links.  You can hop to the product page to learn more for each.

How to Make Your Mothers Day Card

First things first, print your card on sturdy card stock.  I personally think white looks good with this design, but go for cream or kraft brown if your ready to let your hair down.

Or, if you’re like me and don’t have a color printer (how do I not have one yet?!?   hoooow??), send this baby to the nice folks at FedEx.  We’re pretty much besties, me and the office supply guys.  BFFFedEx, really.

It costs about forty some cents.

Once you’ve printed the card, trim it with a paper cutter or scissors.

I put trim lines on the card for you to make it easy.  It’ll be a 5 by 7 rectangle once it’s trimmed down.

Now here’s the important part — are you paying attention?? — you gotta fold it.

And don’t just fold it all willy nilly and be done.  No, thank ya.  Remember that fine line between handmade and artisan.  A willy nilly fold will put you SMACK DAB in handmade.

First, take a scoring knife or butter knife and score the card.  Push softly into the paper, leaving an indendation.  Then, fold along the crease.

Now, here’s the important part.  Take that knife and run the dull edge along the outer side of the crease, smoothin it down like buttah.  See?  Artisan.

Free Mothers Day Card to Make

I hope you all have a very Happy Mothers Day this year!  To grab your downloadable printable easy peasy card, head over to the Resource Collection, where it’s towards the bottom in the craft section.  Enjoy!