2019 Home Decor Trends to Freshen Up Your Kelowna Home 


2019 Home Decor Trends to Freshen Up Your Kelowna Home 

Kelowna is a quaint city situated at the heart of the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. It boasts an array of dreamy landscapes from pine forests to vineyards, mountains, and parks. The beautiful city is also home to over 130,000 people who welcome over 1.9 million tourists every year. 

As a tourist hub and a beautiful place to live, Kelowna is sprawling with gorgeous real estate. Homes, Airbnbs, and apartments line the city’s residential districts and offer a comfortable abode for both locals and tourists. 

You may own property around the area and are looking to purchase furniture or home decor to give your place a revamp for the upcoming New Year. In that case, then you should probably check out some furniture stores in Kelowna to get a head start. You will find catalogs of beautifully-crafted furniture that will perfectly suit the city’s fresh, vibrant, and a little rustic personality. Here are some of 2019’s best furniture trends that are still relevant in the years to come. 

Minimalistic Furniture 

From Marie Kondo’s world-shaking tidying-up methods to the universal call for sustainability and environmental protection, 2019 is all about minimalism. In the name of only keeping things that spark joy, furniture designers have recognized the need to change the way interior decoration works. 

Multifunctional furniture has a highly popular choice for homeowners. That means opting out of purchasing a chair and a side table separately and instead choosing a chair with a built-in table. Another example is consolidating a TV stand, shelf, and cabinet into one by selecting a single piece of furniture that can accommodate all of their functions. 

Moreover, practical storage solutions have also taken the interior design world by storm. That means choosing a bed with built-in drawers or a couch with ottoman drawers. The minimalism trend allows you to create an ergonomic environment and eliminate visual clutter. Kelowna is near a vast expanse of land and lakeside wonders. Channeling the freedom of the outside into your interior by freeing up space will make your home a more enjoyable place to live. 

Geometric Silhouettes 

This year has seen a reignited love for all things odd and geometric. Rectangular furniture stands, and conservative light fixtures have virtually disappeared from modern homes and newly-designed interior. Instead, tables with marble tops and crisscross legs, shelves with overlapping metal bars, and asymmetrical chandeliers have dominated the trendy interior market. 

A point of interest is the use of thinly-cut metal that overlaps and creates all sorts of shapes. Think of your high school geometry lesson and remember the sophisticated image of 12-sided polygons, but reimagined as furniture. By overlapping one thin line over another, designers can create a more contemporary structure while maintaining durability. 

This trend offers an artsy twist to minimalism while eluding an industrial flair. You will find an array of these gems from furniture stores kelowna, with different undertones to suit whatever design theme dominates your home. 

Natural Elements 

A fun and down-to-earth home decor trend of 2019, natural elements have returned to many homes across the globe. Think oak and other types of wood, stones, marble, quartz, and other minerals. Many people have strayed away from plastic and other synthetic materials and instead opt for well-made pieces that will last a lifetime. 

A great way to start your hunt is to choose the type of wood finishing you like the most. Have you fallen in love with oxidized oak? Or do you prefer the lighter and fresher look of maple wood? Bamboo and rattan chairs and storage solutions have also been all the rave, and are fantastic for giving your home a remembrance of Bali. You can go as creative as choosing a divider made out of teak wood — a rare eye-candy that will give your interior a fairy-like vibe. 

Apart from those, your bathroom will enjoy a renovation with marble and quartzite and terrazzo. The natural patterns of each mineral contribute to a relaxing and luxurious visual. 

2019 has some of the best home decor trends of the decade, so you will have a blast shopping, especially if you are in Kelowna.