160+ Amazing Game Room & Arcade Name Ideas [& Generators]


game room name ideas

160+ Amazing Game Room & Arcade Name Ideas [& Name Generators]

Are you looking to create your own game room or arcade? Picking a good name is an integral part of any space! They can be essential when it comes to game rooms and arcades. A great name will set your space (or business) apart!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 140+ catchy game room & arcade name ideas. From classic to themed to vintage-inspired names, hopefully, you find a name for your arcade or game room you love.

I’ve also included some helpful name generators so you can find the perfect fit for your business.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

Name Your Game Room after a Favorite Game Name or Franchise

One option for a themed game room name is to base it on a favorite game or franchise. This can be an excellent choice for those passionate about a particular game or series!

Are you a fan of classic arcade games, modern first-person shooters, or epic fantasy worlds? Good news: there are plenty of options.

Here are my favorites:

  1. The Mario Mansion
  2. The Game of Thrones Game Room
  3. The Overwatch Outpost
  4. The Pokemon Gym
  5. The Legend of Zelda Lair
  6. The Fortnite Fortress
  7. The Call of Duty Command Center
  8. The Minecraft Mine
  9. The Halo Hangar
  10. The Star Wars Cantina
  11. The Super Smash Bros. Showdown
  12. The World of Warcraft Workshop
  13. The Assassin’s Creed Clubhouse
  14. The Grand Theft Auto Garage
  15. The Doom Den
  16. The Wolfenstein War Room
  17. The Fallout Shelter
  18. The Metro Exodus Escape Room
  19. The Red Dead Redemption Ranch
  20. The Last of Us Lounge

game room name ideas

Pick a Game Room Name Idea Based on Hobbies or Interests

Another option for a themed game room name is to base it on a hobby or interest.

This can be a great way to reflect on the activities and games you enjoy in your game room.

Are you a sports fan, a puzzle enthusiast, or a collector of vintage board games? There are many possibilities to consider.

Here are my favorites:

  1. The Sports Zone
  2. The Puzzle Palace
  3. The Comic Book Lair
  4. The Card Castle
  5. The Darts Den
  6. The Foosball Field
  7. The Ping Pong Playground
  8. The Billiards Bar
  9. The Shuffleboard Station
  10. The Air Hockey Arena
  11. The Chess Club
  12. The Backgammon Boardwalk
  13. The Scrabble Studio
  14. The Monopoly Mansion
  15. The Jigsaw Jungle
  16. The Domino Dive
  17. The Go Game Guild
  18. The Checkers Chalet
  19. The Yahtzee Yacht Club
  20. The Risk Resort

Pick a Creative Game Room Name That Plays on Words or Puns

For those who enjoy wordplay, consider a name that plays on words or uses a pun.

These names can be fun and help set your game room apart with a playful, lighthearted atmosphere.

You can choose a name that is a short play on words or something more subtle and clever.

Here are my faves:

  1. The Playroom
  2. Game On!
  3. The Funky Fun Room
  4. The Gameface Lounge
  5. The Game Plan
  6. The Play Date
  7. The Game Show
  8. The Playground
  9. The Game Roomies
  10. The Playpen
  11. The Game Changers
  12. The Playlist
  13. The Game Showcase
  14. The Playtime
  15. The Game Zone
  16. The Playdate
  17. The Game Hub
  18. The Playroom Project
  19. The Game Spot
  20. The Playland

Choose a Game Room Name with Alliteration or Rhyme

Another creative game room name option is to use alliteration or rhyme.

These names can be fun and memorable and help add a musical quality to your game room.

What is alliteration? It’s repeating the same sound at the beginning of multiple words. Or, you can use a name that rhymes with a game-related term.

Here are some options for you:

  1. The Card Club
  2. The Dice Den
  3. The Scrabble Studio
  4. The Monopoly Mansion
  5. The Jigsaw Jungle
  6. The Domino Dive
  7. The Go Game Guild
  8. The Checkers Chalet
  9. The Yahtzee Yacht Club
  10. The Risk Resort
  11. The Puzzle Pit
  12. The Game Grotto
  13. The Playplace
  14. The Fun House
  15. The Entertainment Estate
  16. The Amusement Arcade
  17. The Thrill Seekers’ Den
  18. The Fun Zone
  19. The Party Place
  20. The Fun Factory

Pick a Classic, Simple, Straightforward Game Room Name

Consider a simple, straightforward game room name if you prefer a more minimal, understated approach.

These names can be easily remembered and help convey the space’s purpose clearly and directly.

Here are my favorite ideas:

  1. The Entertainment Zone
  2. The Game Haven
  3. The Play Haven
  4. The Fun House
  5. The Play House
  6. The Game Den
  7. The Play Den
  8. The Fun Room
  9. The Playroom
  10. The Game Room
  11. The Playground
  12. The Game Zone
  13. The Play Zone
  14. The Fun Space
  15. The Play Space
  16. The Game Area
  17. The Play Area
  18. The Fun Fortress
  19. The Play Castle
  20. The Game Hub

game room name ideas

Go With Traditional, Vintage-Inspired Names

Consider a traditional, vintage-inspired game room name for a timeless, classic feel.

These names can hark back to a bygone era and give your game room a sense of history and nostalgia. 

Here are some options to consider:

  1. The Billiard Room
  2. The Parlor
  3. The Den
  4. The Lounge
  5. The Social Club
  6. The Rec Room
  7. The Game Room
  8. The Clubhouse
  9. The Game Den
  10. The Game Parlor
  11. The Game Lounge
  12. The Billiards Room
  13. The Game Hall
  14. The Parlor Room
  15. The Game Chamber
  16. The Game Haven
  17. The Game Room
  18. The Billiards Den
  19. The Game Salon
  20. The Game House

Ultimate DIY Game Room Decor & Design Guide

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Enjoy this game room guide and have a blast in your space!

Location-Based Game Room Name Ideas

For those who want to bring a sense of place to their game room, consider a name based on a specific location. Natural landscapes, cityscapes, or exotic locales can inspire these names. With the correct name, you can help transport players to a different setting through the power of imagination.

For locations, you could include your state, city, or even your home location. Also, think about geography you can incorporate into your name too.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  1. The Beach House Game Room
  2. The Mountain Cabin Game Room
  3. The City Skyline Game Room
  4. The Countryside Game Room
  5. The Tropical Paradise Game Room
  6. The Desert Oasis Game Room
  7. The Urban Game Room
  8. The Suburban Game Room
  9. The Lakeside Game Room
  10. The Riverfront Game Room
  11. The Oceanfront Game Room
  12. The Island Game Room
  13. The Jungle Game Room
  14. The Rainforest Game Room
  15. The Safari Game Room
  16. The Outback Game Room
  17. The Tundra Game Room
  18. The Glacier Game Room
  19. The Canyon Game Room
  20. The Cave Game Room

Name-Based Name Room Ideas

Okay, whew! We’ve covered LOTS of ideas already. But if you still need to find one you love, let’s look at name-based ideas.

You can personalize the name room with a role, like a dad, man, bro, etc. Or you can use a family name, like Smith or Lopez. (I mean, use YOUR family name, not Smith, if you’re not a Smith, lol.)

Here are some ideas:

  1. The Man Cave
  2. The Boy Den
  3. The Girl Cave
  4. The Dude Ranch
  5. The Bro Cave
  6. The Sisterhood Space
  7. The Ladies’ Lounge
  8. The Gents’ Club
  9. The Scoundrel’s Den
  10. The Outlaw’s Hideout
  11. The Gamer’s Guild
  12. The Player’s Paradise
  13. The Trickster’s Den
  14. The Sorcerer’s Sanctum
  15. The Warlock’s Workshop
  16. The Mage’s Tower
  17. The Ninja’s Dojo
  18. The Samurai’s Fortress
  19. The Kung Fu Academy
  20. The Jedi Temple

game room name ideas

Game Room Name Generators

Hopefully, you found an idea you loved among the 140+ game room name ideas listed above!

BUUUUT, if you’re really stuck, think about checking out a game room name generator. These online generators will create fun and fresh ideas for you to consider.

Heads up: you won’t like some of their suggestions, but the ideas will be a helpful starting point for you!

Business Name Generator:

This generator allows you to enter specific criteria (such as industry, location, and keywords). Then, it generates a list of business names based on your input.

Shopify Business Name Generator:

Okay, this generator is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. BUT, you can also use it to generate ideas for a brick-and-mortar game room.

It allows you to enter your industry, location, and other details to generate a list of potential business names.


This generator uses artificial intelligence, which is fantastic. It will generate business names based on your industry and preferred style.

Oberlo Business Name Generator:

This generator is specifically designed for online businesses. But you can also use it to generate ideas for a game room.

It allows you to enter your industry, location, and other details to generate a list of potential business names.

Tips on Naming a Game Room (or Arcade)

Bottom line: you want to find something that reflects the atmosphere of your space (or establishment.)

Consider coming up with a name that plays off of the types of activities you offer in your game room. Think about including words like “adventure,” “challenge,” or “fun.”

You can also look to pop culture references or trends for inspiration.

Consider a nostalgic approach to your name if your game room has classic games and pinball machines.

Finally, remember to choose something that stands out and is easy to remember.

And an excellent way to help people remember? A great sign!

Look at Etsy for some affordable artisan-made game room signs, which would be an excellent way to decorate your space and make it memorable!

With some creativity and research, you can come up with the perfect name for your game room or arcade!

Let’s Wrap Up

In conclusion, there are many different approaches to naming a game room. Did this article inspire some brainstorming for you?

Themed names can be based on favorite games or franchises. Creative names can play on words. I like names that use alliteration or rhyme. Classic names can be simple and straightforward. Or, they can hark back to a vintage era.

No matter your style, picking the best arcade or game room name can help set the tone (or brand!) for your space. In turn, this will help inspire decor and activities.

We hope that these ideas have provided some inspiration! Did you come up with your name?

Please share it in the comments section below. We’d love to see what creative ideas our readers have come up with!