How to Make a DIY Garden Potting Table

How to Make a DIY Garden Potting Table

Gardening is all about having a good time while connecting with nature. However, there are times that the thought of getting yourself scorched under the sun and getting your muscles sore keeps you from getting on with this hobby. This is where a DIY garden potting table comes in handy!

If you ever come across a gardener’s backyard, you have probably noticed a garden potting table. It is a piece of free-standing furniture with an organized variety of plants. With a potting table, you will realize how you can manage to keep gardening simple, easy, and fun.

Here are some benefits of a garden potting table:

  • Easy to place indoor plants
  • A perfect spot for placing and transferring outdoor plants
  • An excellent area to begin planting seeds for your home garden.
How to Make a DIY Garden Potting Table

Where to Find a Garden Potting Table

If you do not have any free time to build a garden potting table, you can purchase it from Gardener Supplies Online. This way, you do not have to waste time searching for the right kind of wood for the table as well.

There are things to consider before clicking the “Add to cart” button when shopping for a garden potting table.

  • The size of your garden
  • Number of your plants you plan to put on the table
  • Size of your plants
How to Make a DIY Garden Potting Table

DIY Garden Potting Table

If you are a person who makes a schedule for gardening and has lots of free time, then building your own is the perfect option.

Building your own has a lot of advantages, too:

  • You can customize it according to your preferences to suit the garden area.
  • You may add additional features like drawers, shelves, storages, or a sink.
  • You can also build a multi-purpose table.

So if you come up with a decision to create a garden potting table by yourself, you will need planning and the appropriate materials and tools.

How to Make a DIY Garden Potting Table

Choosing Potting Table Materials

Aside from wood, you can build a garden table using these materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Bricks
  • Plastic resin

It is more advisable to use wood as the primary material since it will benefit the plants compared to the other elements listed above. But those materials are perfect as storage for other gardening tools.

There are cedar potting tables that can pull a rustic appearance over time. They are more durable and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Also, you do not need to use any chemicals to prevent the cedar wood from rotting.

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Garden Potting Table Plans

After choosing the appropriate material for your garden, the next step you need for preparation is planning the design.

It is simple. You can search for design samples online. There are building plans available on the internet, some are easy to follow, and others are for experts.

Potting tables can make your gardening life more manageable and less complicated. Plus, it can help you create a neat and organized garden. A garden full of beautiful flowering plants made from scratch is more fulfilling than having a gardener to do the job.