Printable Habit Tracker to Track Your Goals and Daily Habits


With our busy lives, days can pass by in the blink of an eye.  Curious to learn more about how to track your habits? Then keep on reading below to learn how to use a habit tracker and grab these two free printable trackers!

free daily habit tracker

Download This Free Daily Habit Tracker!

When we’re hustling and bustling, some days it’s hard just to get by. But how do we not just survive our days, but thrive through them?

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First of all, getting organized is an awesome way to begin. If you’ve already sat down to plot out how to make your daily schedule you know that your time is probably super limited.

So now, let’s look at a tool that helps us visualize what we’re accomplishing. Introducing: a habit tracker.

free daily habit tracker

What Is a Habit Tracker?

A habit tracker is a tool we can use to measure how often we accomplish certain tasks. Using these trackers, we can quickly see how often we’re completing certain chores or tasks.  If you’ve already worked through how to create a daily schedule, then this habit tracker will be an excellent addition.

Also, you might be wondering, why not just write a list?

While listing habits and goals is helpful, the main benefit of habit trackers over lists? Visualization.  Most of all, these habit trackers take our written list of to-dos and turns them into pictures and maps we can assess at a glance.

free daily habit tracker

How Do Habit Trackers Work?

To use a habit tracker, you

  • Identify a handful of tasks, chores, or behaviors that you want to track
  • Narrow your list down so that you’re focusing on five to ten activities per month
  • Write these activities in the tracker in the “habit” column
  • Jot a checkmark or color in the box each day of the month that you do that habit
  • Assess your accomplishments at the end of the month

free daily habit tracker

Two Versions of the Habit Tracker

For these free printable goal trackers, I have included two different kinds in the Home Beautifully Resource Collection.  One goal tracker looks like a rectangle and the other like a circle.  They function the same way!

For the rectangular table, write your habits along the top, under the green bar and flowers.  Then, for each day of the month, check or fill in the box when you’ve completed the task or behavior.

For the circular habit tracker, write your habits in the box below the diagram.  Then, in the goal tracker, in the corresponding ring, fill in the box when you’ve completed the habit for that day.  Easy!

What Habits Could We Track?

The beauty of habit trackers is that they’re completely customizable. You can include any habits you want to hold yourself accountable for achieving.

So, when filling in your tracker, your intended habits may be aspirational, routine, or a combination of both. Examples of habits could include:

  • Workout
  • Brush the dog
  • Take medicine
  • Eat green vegetables
  • Write in diary
  • Meditate
  • Complete a daily cleaning task
  • Do hobby (write, blog, draw, craft)

I should note, by the way, that your habits don’t need to be things that you do every single day. Your goal might be to check off a habit two or three times a week.

free daily habit tracker

Sample Postpartum Daily Habits

During my maternity leave, for example, I created a “feel good”  tracker to ward off the baby blues. My habit tracker included things like:

  • Take shower
  • Brush teeth
  • Change out of pajamas
  • Take multivitamin
  • Drink three huge glasses of water
  • Go outside

Seems like it’s not exactly rocket science! But doing these things after just having a baby? SO. HARD.  Almost every day was a struggle just to feel like me!  It’s easy to stay in bed all day long, but I knew that doing that day after day would be tough on my mental health. So I created a “feel good” habit tracker to do things that would get me up and move.

Why Are Habit Trackers Useful?

Have you ever heard that it takes three weeks to build a habit? I don’t remember the first time I heard that, but I’d always assumed it to be true.

Turns out, research shows it takes closer to sixty days for a habit to feel routine.

That’s A WHOLE LOT of accountability!

And given how busy our days can be, we could easily forget or overlook anything new we want to build into our routine. Having a habit tracker helps

  • Pinpoint small behaviors that align with our personal goals
  • Remind us daily of them
  • Hold us accountable
  • Visualize our progress

Want to Download Your Free Habit Tracker?

Downloading the habit tracker is EASY!  

Click right here to download the rectangular version of the habit tracker.   

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Or, if you’d prefer, click right here to download the circular version of the habit tracker.

I hope you love this tracker as much as I do.  As always, reach out if you have any questions. 

Lots of love from my house to yours, 

free daily habit tracker

Printable habit tracker journal with pencil on a white background

Printable habit tracker on a white background with a coffee, pencil, and rings