How to Make a Wreath: Exclusive Pro Secrets!


Cynthia here, checking in with a little something different today.  As a former teacher, I firmly believe that we should never stop growing and learning.  (Who’s with me?!). So today (drumroooooooll please!), I’m thrilled to introduce Stephanie, the artist and visionary behind the boutique Lorraine’s Cottage. Want to know how to make a wreath? Then, this post is all for you!

Stephanie has generously allowed us to tap into her wisdom and drop some knowledge on our DIY tribe.  From where to hang your wreaths to how to DIY your space, if you want to learn something aaaah-mazing, then keep on reading for a recap of my convo with Stephanie!

How to Make a Wreath

How to Make a Wreath: Exclusive Pro Secrets!

If you’re not familiar with Lorraine’s Cottage, well, get prepared to have your boots blown back ‘cause, you guys, it’s possibly the prettiest, loveliest, most beautimous decor shop around.  Seriously.
Onto our conversation!

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Wreath Making 101: How Lorraine’s Cottage Began

Cynthia:  “Hey Stephanie!  Thanks so much for joining us today as we drop some joy into the Home Beautifully tribe’s inboxes.  Can you tell us just a little about your background?  What led you to open Lorraine’s Cottage?”

Stephanie:  “I went to college intending to pursue a career in law and work in Washington DC. After graduating and working in a local law firm for 2 years, I learned that being cooped up in an office with a computer all day did not make my heart happy. I needed creativity.

I made and sold cards and journals for friends and family on the side already, so I left the law firm to start an official business of it. The original product line was handmade stationery and wedding invitations, but a couple years into it is when flowers found me, and eventually the business transformed into handmade faux floral decor.”

How to Display a Wreath in Your Home

Cynthia: “How do you know where to hang your faux floral pieces?  How do you decide where would be the best spot for a wreath?”

Stephanie: “Of course the traditional space for a wreath is the front door. As long as the door is protected from the direct weather elements, the wreath will last for years.

However, I love seeing decor in unexpected places, such as a wreath standing upright on a fireplace mantle or laying it down with a cloche as a centerpiece for a dining room table.

Since wreaths are a more substantial decor piece and make a statement, they fit in well with furniture that can highlight that statement such as a table, fireplace mantle or even a large blank entry wall.”

The Great Debate: Timeless versus Seasonal Wreaths

Cynthia: “What are your thoughts on timeless versus seasonal decor?  Do you change out for the seasons?  Or do you keep one style throughout the year?”

Stephanie: “I am definitely partial to timeless decor – they are the foundation of my decor. I then like to add in a few small pieces that just hint at the season that are easy to switch out, like pillows, faux flower stems, and vessels.

Keeping the work simple but the home seasonally beautiful is my motto for decor. The one exception is Christmas when I think everyone likes to transform the home into a wonderland with all the decor!”

How to Create a Beautiful DIY Wreath

Cynthia: “Okay, last question — and this one is for my DIY-lovers in particular!  If you were to give advice for someone trying to DIY their home decor (whether that be a wreath or faux floral arrangement), what’s the NUMBER ONE tip you would give?”

Stephanie: “Be creative with it. DIY-ing means that you can make it whatever you want it to be, so use the opportunity to expand your creativity and skill set.

Instead of making the decor look exactly like the instructions, add your own touch to it, whether it’s using a different color palette or even different materials. After all, it’s going in your own home, so make it uniquely yours! The more you use your creative muscle, the stronger it gets.”

I hope you all loved her insights as much as I do.  And a big shout out to Stephanie for sharing your tips and inspiration with us.  We appreciate it!

Pop a comment below to let me know if there are any other artisans or makers who you would love to hear from!

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