Instagram Bliss: How to Grow Your Instagram Account to 5000+


Are you trying to grow your Instagram account?  Do you feel frustrated about getting new followers on Instagram?  This free e-book “Instagram Bliss” will alleviate the stress of growing your Instagram account.  Want to gain followers while staying true to yourself and your brand?  Keep on reading to learn more about this free e-book!

Grow Your Followers on Instagram!

Instagram Bliss: How to Grow Your Instagram Account to 5000+

Second to DIY, the most frequent question I’m asked by readers is this: how do I grow my Instagram account to showcase my brand, highlight my interests, and meet more like-minded people?

Usually, by the time someone sends me an email or message, they feel discouraged or demotivated.  They’ve put their best foot (or photo) forward, time and again, but their Instagram accounts have remained stagnant.

If you’ve popped over to my bio, you know that I’ve spent the past dozen years of my life in education, empowering others to reach their highest potential.  You guys, I have to admit: once a teacher, always a teacher.   With this in mind, and at your requests, I’m super excited to share this free e-book, Instagram Bliss.

Growing your Instagram account to 5000+ followers while staying true to yourself?  Yep.  Totally possible.  Instagram Bliss shares buckets of tips and techniques for you to consider as a part of your Instagram strategy.

“What? I need a strategy?”  If that’s the first thought that popped into your head, then this book is absolutely meant for you.

How Do You Feel About Your Instagram Account Which Scenario Sounds Like You? 

Scenario 1: You’re posting pictures consistently, but just aren’t getting the traction you see others receiving on their accounts.  You’re even using filters and hashtags.  I mean, come on, your feed looks awesome!  So how in the world are others growing their accounts so fast while your account stays stagnant?

Scenario 2: You post maybe one picture a week because you’ve given all your time and attention to other, more important, areas of your business.  I mean, who else is going to write your blog posts?  Isn’t actual content the most important part of business anyway?

Scenario 3: You’re a mom/student/traveler/(fill in the blank) who loves using Instagram to share photos with your friends and family.  But now that you’re building out your brand’s online presence, you realize you need to make a shift in how you use the platform.  But how?

Scenario 4: Instagram?  What’s Instagram?

I promise you, growing your Instagram following into one large, happy family doesn’t need to feel painful.   Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.  Maybe you feel like in order to be successful, you need to be a different version of yourself.   No matter how you’re feeling, there are sunny skies ahead.

Instagram Bliss Grow Your Instagram Family to 5000+ While Staying True to Yourself

How Can I Help you Grow Your Instagram? Introductions First

Before we continue a moment longer, let me take a second to introduce myself, establish my credibility, and assure you that I believe whole-heartedly in the potential for your success.

I joined Instagram right after I had my son, which was actually an incredibly lonely time for me. (Motherhood is tough!) On Instagram, I discovered — rather unexpectedly, I’ll admit — an amazing community of mothers, woodworkers, entrepreneurs, DIYers, home decor enthusiasts, and fashionistas (among others!)

I’ve met great friends online who I now meet for coffee in real life. I’ve collaborated with incredible artists and business people. And I’ve even partnered with brands to showcase amazing products and projects for my website readers and social media followers!

With an account now in the tens of thousands, I understand that real, authentic growth on Instagram takes patience, quality, and some strategy. While patience isn’t my strongest virtue (unfortunately!), I’m all about quality and strategy and am thrilled to share what I’ve learned along the way with you. Ready to get started?

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Instagram Bliss Grow Your Instagram Family to 5000+ While Staying True to Yourself


Instagram Bliss: The Goodies Inside

This 85+ page book is overflowing with lots of eye-opening information about how to optimize your Instagram strategy for authentic growth.  Want to take a sneak peek at the goodies inside?

Chapter 1: Welcome to Instagram Bliss

In this first chapter, we’ll cover the Instagram value proposition and learn the two key drivers at the heart of any successful account.

Chapter 2: Brand Identity, Pure And Simple

We’ll cover how to use your brand identity to form steadfast emotional connections with others. Also, we’ll dig deep into how to attract others with a unique, purposefully crafted, signature visuals.

Chapter 3: Hashtag Happy

Hashtags? Aren’t those the little annoying tags people sprinkle all over their posts? I felt this way once! In this chapter, we’ll explore how to curate hashtag “calling cards” to stand out in the crowd.

Chapter 4: Engagement Buddies

Engagement? I can’t live without it! But how do you get started, knowing how important engagement is for your success on the social platform? We’ll explore how to leverage like-minded buddies to boost your visibility.

Chapter 5: Gratitude Giveaways

Last but not least, we’ll cover a super user-friendly growth strategy: gratitude giveaways. We’ll highlight how to skip ahead with big-league mentors to expand your Instagram family more rapidly.

I’m super excited for each of you wanting to grow your Instagram family and to share more broadly your wonderful ideas with the world.  I’m honored to be a part of that.  Remember, you’re always welcome to pop me an email with any questions you may have or drop a comment down below.  I can’t wait to celebrate your success!

As always, all my love, from my house to yours!