5 Essential Fundamentals of Landscaping

5 Essential Fundamentals of Landscaping

Making a house that feels inviting no doubt adds more value to the property, and many people improve their home value with curb appeal and landscaping. But do you know landscaping fundamentals?

The general guideline is adding colors with annuals, perennials, and seasonal flowering shrubs. Consecutively with a routine of proper trimming, scrubbing, mulching, edging and removing weeds for a clean and tidy appearance.

It’s essential to pay attention to the landscaping of your house, especially if you want a good deal in selling the property later on. However, selling or making it look good starts with the first impression. You can either get your hands dirty or hire landscaping services and help you throughout that thorny problem with a green thumbs up.

What are the 5 landscaping fundamentals?

A garden anywhere in the world can serve the purpose of recreation and reduce stress. Landscaping creates a natural view with different combinations of lawns, shrubs, and trees. Hiring landscaping services that have years of experience in this field would be very beneficial.

Designing your garden can also be rewarding. Here are some of the essential landscaping fundamentals you need to know for bringing out the harmonious relationship of plants, shrubs, and trees that appeals for your pleasure.


The background should always be in tandem with nature. It should not distract the main feature of your garden and must blend in with the environment.


There must be consistency in choosing your plants. You can achieve that by repeating your selected variety of plants in the garden. Take note that you should also apply texture that complements the theme and maintains unity.

5 Essential Fundamentals of Landscaping


Harmony helps the elements in landscapes such as shrubs, bush, trees, and flowers to be unified. That is also responsible for the contrasting design elements that draw the viewer’s attention when you place these next to each other.


Choosing a combination of colors brings out a new dimension in real life. For example, warm colors (red and orange) seem to advance toward you, making them more prominent and closer. Meanwhile, cool colors (blue and green) can be perceived to away from you.


Rhythm enhances harmony. Arranging the different elements in harmonious arrays and artistically curved lines can bring rhythm to your landscape.

5 Essential Fundamentals of Landscaping

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Plant in Landscaping?

Many people regard landscaping as the art and science of setting the right plant in the right place. The fundamental concept is to choose the right plant species, cultivars, and genotypes that can adapt to the environment and help it flourish.

It’s one way to prevent landlords from problems associated with landscapes, and this reduces maintenance costs.

5 Essential Fundamentals of Landscaping

Plant selection and placement is a critical factor in landscape design. Fulfilling the concept requires knowledge of plant characteristics, environmental and growing requirements, functions, and beauty.

Landscaping is not just merely designing but successfully implementing the science behind every plant and artistically expressing imagination with plants.

Landscaping can give your garden a positive vibe that can directly be associated with your healthy well-being. There is no downside in investing in making your backyard more refreshing, and this can also be your recreational day to day activity.

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