Top 9 Rustic Farmhouse Pillow Covers for $5 or Less!


Have you ever been tempted to introduce yourself like this?  “Hi, my name’s Cynthia, and I’m a little obsessed with finding good deals?”  Because that’s pretty much me.  Yup, I love finding fabulous home decor without paying a ton of money.  Lately, I’ve been all about the throw pillows.  They provide the perfect pop of style without major investment or commitment.  I got on the throw pillow bandwagon awhile ago when I finally (finally!) realized that I could change up the uuuuugly maroon and brown pillows that came with our couch just by popping new pillow covers on them.  Yes, these pillows were so ugly they were uuuuugly.  After trolling online awhile, I happily discovered so many cute, affordable options for switching up your pillow covers!  Keep on reading to discover my top 9 picks for rustic, farmhouse pillowcase covers for $5 or less!  (Yep, you read that right!  Less than $5!)

Top 9 Chic, Rustic Pillow Covers

Want to read more about each pillow and gaze at how affordable it is? No problem. I’ve linked each photo in the gallery to its source (as an affiliate link) so you can pop over and check each out.

I just love how simple, easy, and affordable these pillow cases are.  My favorites?  Probably the one that says “I love you more” (which I tell to my husband all the time!) as well as the one with the dear who has butterflies perched on its antlers.  Adorable!  Which is your fave?

I’m going to showcase my new pillow covers when we reveal our guest bedroom, which has been a project underway for some time now.  Out with the maroon and brown pillow covers and in with some chic, farmhouse style! Huzzah!