Free and Easy Printable Mothers Day Card to Make!


Hey friends!  You know that I’m all about free printables for the holidays.  Not only do art prints make awesome gifts, but printable cards?  Oh-so-easy!  I’m super happy to share with you this lovely free printable Mothers Day card to make!  Yep, one easy peasy DIY project, and you’re all set for your Mothers Day card giving.  Sounds good right?  Want to get all the deets on this Mothers Day card to make?  Then keep on reading!

Printable Mothers Day Card to Make

Free and Easy Printable Mothers Day Card to Make!

This Mothers Day card to make is oh-so-easy.  I’ll include some tried n’ true steps below that will take your card from homemade to “wait, did you MAKE this??”  You ready for the tutorial?

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Materials Needed for Your Mothers Day Card

I’ve included the supplies below, linked with affiliate links.  You can hop to the product page to learn more for each.


Steps to Make Your Mothers Day Card

First things first print your free printable Mothers Day on sturdy card stock.  I personally think these look best on white card stock, but you may also want to try cream, light pink, or kraft brown paper, too.

The cards are formatted to be printed on standard 8.5 by 11-inch paper. You can print them super easily at home if you have a color printer.

If you don’t have a color printer, you can send them to a local office supply store to have them printed for forty cents or so.  Easy!

Printable Mothers Day Card to Make

Once you’ve printed your card, you’ll see that there are cut lines around the perimeter of the card to make the next step easy for you.

Now it’s time to trim up your cards.  Once trimmed, the card will measure 5 by 7 inches.

If you’re using a paper trimmer (which you can find really affordable online!), line up the cut lines and run the blade down the paper. Otherwise, use a sharp pair of scissors, take your time, and keep your hand steady.

Here’s the step that separates homemade cards from artisan-made cards: folding.

When you fold your cards, be sure to score the paper so it folds nicely. When you score the paper, you leave a little indentation in it.

If you’re using a paper trimmer to cut your paper, check to see if the paper trimmer can score paper too. Often trimmers have both a cutting blade and a scoring blade. Move the cutting blade away and run the scoring blade down the mid-line of your card.

If you’re not using a paper trimmer, you can easily score your paper with a ruler and the back edge of a dull butter knife. Line up your ruler halfway down the card and create a soft dent down the paper.

Once you fold your paper along the crease, smooth the back edge of your knife along the fold to flatten it on the outside of the card.

Download Your Free Printable Mothers Day Card

Downloading this free printable mother’s day card is easy!  In order to download it, I ask that you please support this site by liking or sharing this post on social media.  Once you do, the download button will appear so that you can grab your free card.


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Also, be sure to check out the art prints in the resource collection.  There are a lot of treasures in there that would frame beautifully for an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift!

Leave me a comment below – what do you love to receive or give as a Mother’s Day gift?  And, as always, if you have other printables ideas, be sure to pop a comment below, too!