Decorating with Quartz!  Countertops, Flooring, and Quartz Worktops


When it comes to interior design the latest trend that shows no sign of slowing down is quartz. From countertops to flooring to quartz worktops, quartz remains on the list of things to infuse into your home’s interior in 2018.

Thinking about decorating with quartz in 2018?  Even though the year is more than halfway over, many believe quartz will be the go-to countertop for 2019! But what about other quartz elements? Quartz gives your abode an understated elegance that cannot be overstated. From flooring to quartz worktops, let’s take a look at how you can decorate with quartz in your home!

Quartz Countertops Quartz Flooring and Quartz Worktables

Decorating with Quartz!  Countertops, Flooring, and Quartz Worktops

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If you’ve ever thought about decorating for quartz, I hope you walk away from this post inspired to try!  From quartz countertops to quartz floors to quartz worktops, it’s a timeless, beautiful material that adds incredible value to your home.

Quartz Countertops & Quartz Worktops 101: Things to Consider

Okay, to start with the obvious, however, quartz countertops are one investment that pays off in spades. Quartz is not only beautiful, it is also extremely durable. When cared for properly, quartz can last your lifetime. You will never have to replace your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor entertainment countertops again, but the caveat is you must care for them properly.

Quartz isn’t an install it and forget about it material. Although it can stand up to abuse, you must clean and reseal it to the manufacturer’s specifications. Guess what. This isn’t hard. In fact, it’s a breeze. Cleaning the quartz means applying a recommended cleaner and wiping them off. Boom! Done! Resealing means just about the same effort. Quartz is popular because it’s also easy to maintain.

Like with countertops, quartz worktops will also add an aesthetic that takes people’s breath away. A natural and sustainable option, you can select from numerous colors and mixtures to get the countertops of your dreams. Certain vein colors throughout the slab make quartz look like marble, but quartz is more durable than marble. Still, nobody needs to know you didn’t install marble except you. 

Quartz Countertops Quartz Flooring and Quartz Worktables

Quartz for Floors?  Absolutely!  

Quartz countertop decorative accessories don’t just have to be countertops. You can also use quartz for your flooring. Again, because the material is so durable, redoing your tile or laminate floors with quartz is a surefire way to beautify your indoor space beyond your wildest dreams while giving your home flooring that can stand up to your family’s abuse, including the pets.

To get too real for just a moment, a sealed quartz floor is much easier to keep clean, especially when the dog vomits the “treat” he just ate out of the cat’s litter box and the cat vomits a fur ball. How about when the kids have a juice fight in the kitchen? What about when your hubby walks in after his latest DIY project in the garage without wiping his feet? Tile stains. So does laminate.

Quartz flooring is as durable as quartz countertops, and it’s also stunning the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms. When people walk into your home, they’ll feel as if they are walking into an Ancient Greek or Roman castle, and you can also use quartz for your fireplace hearth and surround. In fact, why not pick a different quartz color for your kitchen backsplash and bathroom shower tiles?

Even with just these few interior design tips, it’s easy to see that quartz is a material that is here to stay. When you couple its beauty with its astounding durability, it’s no wonder many homeowners are renovating their homes with quartz. Yes, you will pay more upfront for quartz over tile or laminate, but the expense will be worth it. You’ll love your new décor!



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