Tips on Choosing Ready-to-Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home


Tips on Choosing Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are becoming a popular option for homeowners due to their practicality, affordability, and easy assembly. For kitchen remodeling projects, many households often choose RTA kitchen cabinets to save money as they can assemble the furniture themselves instead of hiring a service to do it for them.

Because they can be delivered straight to your doorsteps, the cabinets are great options for your furniture needs. However, there are essential things that you need to learn about these products before you start shopping for them.

What is the RTA cabinet?

As the name suggests, the cabinet is ready to assemble securely and quickly. The manufacturer has already cut all of the parts to size, drilled all the holes needed, and applied the finishes to make them ready to use after assembly. The producer then stacks the pieces together and wraps them for delivery.

The homeowners will be responsible for assembling and installing the furniture in their kitchen. The product comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly and installation, so there will be no problems following the tasks.

What are the features of a cabinet with good quality?

RTA kitchen cabinets are not created equally. To ensure your satisfaction, you should be able to recognize inferior quality products and avoid buying them. Here are some features of ideal cabinets:

  • Made of materials like laminates and thermofoil, as well as good quality wood like oak wood and pine wood.
  • Has solid wood drawers with dovetail joinery
  • Has full-extension drawer guides
  • The doors consist of a solid wood frame
  • The panels are either solid wood or plywood
  • A brush was used to apply the finishes and coatings rather than spray-painted

Tips in choosing quality kitchen cabinets

You can purchase cabinets in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. But like their pre-assembled counterparts, these cabinets may be of mediocre to excellent quality products. Here are some suggestions when choosing the appropriate RTA cabinets for your home:

  • Do not buy cabinets with stapled particleboard drawers and integrated rail drawer guides.
  • Avoid purchasing products with doors made of medium density fiberboard or veneered particleboard.
  • Focus on the finishing and features to make sure that it will fit in the interior design of your home.
  • Make sure that the layout and dimension of the cabinet are well-suited with the size of your kitchen.
  • Choose cabinets that are eco-friendly in design to help protect the environment. Due to climate change issues, various manufacturers are already offering eco-friendly cabinet models in the market.
  • Ask the store or manufacturer if replacement parts are available before buying to avoid delays in your remodeling project. Purchase products from a credible supplier to ensure the availability of parts.

Kitchen cabinet assembly

Most RTA cabinets are straightforward to assemble as you may need nothing more than wood dowels, screws, and glue. These materials come with your purchase, along with the detailed instructions.

For more efficient assembly, however, you can watch online videos on how to assemble the cabinets. Likewise, you get to prevent experiencing the usual assembly errors by referring to the videos.

Buying quality RTA kitchen cabinets will allow you to save a significant amount of money during your kitchen remodeling. By using these tips as a guide, you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.