How to Style with Galvanized Decor on a Budget!


If you’ve flipped through a home decor catalog or strolled through a home store, you’ve probably spied the word “galvanized” once, twice, or a million bajillion times.  What in the world is galvanized home decor?  It’s material made from steel or iron that’s been coated with a thin film of zinc to prevent rust.  Plus, it looks ah-mazing for adding a little bit of farmhouse or rustic style to your home!  Curious how to incorporate some galvanized decor into your home?  If you’d love to learn more about how to style with galvanized decor with affordable recommendations, then keep on reading!

Galvanized Decor Tip 1: Work in Layers

Galvanized metal decorative items are great for coordinating with other farmhouse style or rustic accessories.  These galvanized decor trays and bowls would be perfect for layering with other items.  For example, imagine one of these trays with several beautiful coffee table books on top and a small ironstone vase filled with hydrangeas resting in the middle.  Sounds beautiful right? Or imagine the galvanized metal bowls filled with pine cones or even balls of twisty twine or soft white yarn.  The juxtaposition of color and texture would be gorgeous.



Galvanized Decor Tip 2: Utilize Storage

Galvanized metal accessories and decorations like buckets, canisters, and cans are perfect for incorporating as storage. These pieces would have a great rustic, country, or farmhouse touch to the kitchen or pantry.  If styled right, the pieces can even have a vintage or industrial feel to them.


Galvanized Decor Tip 3: Go for Function

The great thing about galvanized decor is that it’s becoming really popular.  Because of that, you can find lots and lots of items in the material. In addition to accessories, you can find pieces made from galvanized metal that are super functional.  These galvanized metal recommendations would work well in the living room or as part of a command center in a cute little entryway.

I was really excited to write this post because a reader requested that I research recommendations for galvanized decor.  Thank you so much for sending me ideas for posts! If there any particular posts that you would like to see for design ideas or ideas that you want to incorporate into your home, comment below or send me an email!

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