Adorable + Affordable Target Fall Decor


There isn’t much better than fall than fall decor.  And even better than that?  Fall decor that’s affordable and budget friendly.  Yep, looking good on a dime?  I’m all about it.   (Or, I should say, our home’s all about it.  Me?  I’m in the throes of new motherhood and am staying comfortably in my yoga pants for awhile to come LOL.)  I put together this adorable, affordable mood board, showcasing some gorgeous finds for Target fall decor.  These pieces would add the perfect touch of fall decor without breaking the bank.  Want to learn more?  Keep on reading? Also, that cool image below uses suh-weet clickable affiliate links so you can click on the product picture to learn more!

Adorable, Affordable Target Fall Decor

This mood board was designed around a faux mantle, using an easy floating shelf and this super awesome wood candle holder as a mock fireplace.  I love the idea of creating a fireplace feel in your home, even if you don’t have a fireplace built into your house.  The combo of the shelf and candles sets a similar mood, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to whichever little nook you choose.

Adding purposeful accessories sets the tone and color way of the fall space.  On the shelf itself, I recommend adding shapes and textures, like this brown plaid pumpkin, which looks adorable next to a similar orange tweed pumpkin.

Hanging beside the shelves, I incorporated some inexpensive fall signs to add more shape to the space and carry the eye upward.  This vertical Happy Fall sign pairs nicely with a smaller Give Thanks sign.   I really like the herringbone on the Give Thanks sign!  And, seriously, these signs are five dollars and eight dollars each, which is awesome.

A gorgeous faux forsythia wreath adds a subtle pop of color and another interesting shape above the mantle decor.  Plus, for a wreath, this baby is really well priced.  Also, can anyone tell me why wreaths tend to be so expensive?  Sheesh.  I liked this baby for a number of reasons — it’s price was definitely one of them!

On the floor by our candle holder, I’ve styled a gorgeous wire basket with this cozy plaid blanket.  Behind the candle holder, some pretty branches add visual dimension to the space.

Affordable Target Fall Decor Ideas