My Weird Obsession with an Affordable Three Drawer Dresser


Now that my little girl is out of her newborn phase, we’re slowly making plans to move her into her nursery (sob.)  In the next few weeks, I’ll be SO thrilled to share with you our plans for designing her rustic woodland nursery.  (It’ll be SO cute!)  But for now, I want to let you in on my latest obsession: finding a terrific, affordable three drawer dresser!  It’ll be one of the key pieces in her room.  So I’ve done a TON of research finding a great option.  Are you hunting for a three drawer dresser too?  Then keep on reading!

Three Drawer Dresser

Choosing an Affordable Three Drawer Dresser

As it turns out,  buying a dresser requires a good deal of thought.  Why?  They range widely!  Not only do they come in many different decor styles, but also they vary in their function.  Some are huge and industrial.  Others are small and shabby chic.

Picking out a dresser requires you to really understand how it’ll be used in a space.

Three drawer dressers are unique, too, because they can be used in SO many ways.  A three drawer dresser can make cute bedroom side tables, an entryway table, or a clothes dresser.  You really have to have a strong sense for how it’ll be used before making a purchase.

Now, for us, we’re planning on decorating the nursery for this little love:

Three Drawer Dresser

We’ve decided to get a three drawer dresser to use as her changing table for a number of reasons.  First, her room’s on the small side.  So, a three drawer dresser won’t crowd the space like a larger dresser would.  And, second, since she won’t be in diaper forever (thank the good Lord above), a dresser will last a whole lot longer down the road.   For now, we’ll secure a changing pad on the top and bingo.  All set!

My Top Picks for a Gorgeous Three Drawer Dresser

After lots of extensive research, here are my top pics for affordable, beautiful three drawer dressers you can find online:

Ultimately, these may end up being inspiration pieces for a DIY project.  Because OF COURSE I love that dark blue dresser right above that’s a smidge outside of our budget.  I’m so excited to share with you the details for the nursery project in an upcoming post.  Leave me a comment below — what’s your fave of the bunch??

Thanks so much for checking out my picks for a beautiful and affordable three drawer dresser.  Good luck on your hunt.  (And wish me luck too!)

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