The Best Free Daily To Do List Template


If you’re looking for a free to do list template, chances are you feel like your day is getting away from you. And, boy oh boy, do I know that feeling!

But you know what? By changing JUST ONE THING, I’ve been able to seriously maximize my focus and productivity. Want to up your time management to increase your productivity? Then keep on reading for my tips and hacks and be sure to download this gorgeous free to do list template!

to do list template

The Best Free Daily To Do List Template!

Sometimes our days just blur by. And it makes total sense, between juggling all of our responsibilities and trying to practice a little bit of self-care, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Know that feeling? Yep, time management can be really hard to do when, honestly, there just isn’t enough time!

But do you wanna know the ONE thing that’s made the most difference in my life lately?

Every morning, I sit down for less than five minutes and I write down three things:

1. How I’m feeling

2. How I want to be feeling

3. The 2 or 3 most important things I need to do to get there

Inevitably, before step three, I end up doing a massive brain dump of all the to-dos rattling around in my head and then I pick 2 or 3 things from that list.

Download this Free To Do List Template

You know what? When it comes to planners and lists, I’ve tried them all. Fancy paper planners, apps, you name it.

The bottom line, I’ve found, is creating consistency and accountability.

This free downloadable to do list template is fantastic because you know what? It’s everything you need on one page, in one place.

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to do list template



How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Using This To Do List Printable

I get it, though. Even when we really really REALLY want to get organized, sometimes actually using the tools and resources we have can seem daunting.

Let me in on a little secret. Here’s the ONE THING I do to keep myself on task when I really feel overwhelmed.

And the days I really don’t want to center myself? When it seems like it’ll be too much work to rise above the metal rattle? The I say these magic words:

“Siri, set a timer for 3 minutes from now.”

And I give myself a very short, very concrete moment to just dooooo it.

I’m constantly surprised, too, with my compulsion not to take a minute to get grounded. Maybe the lure of falling headfirst into business taps into some pleasure center in my head, I dunno.

The other day, someone told me that there’s no such thing as being busy. People who say they’re busy simply allow their cluttered thinking to persist.

I’m not sure about all that, but here’s what I’ve realized:

By taking even a few moments to center myself each day, I’m taking ownership over my life. I’m more consciously saying, “this is what’s important to me, so this is how I choose to spend my time.”

And you know what else? All those things I’m NOT choosing to do? I’m realizing that by giving myself perspective, by recognizing their low priority in my life, I’m freeing myself from unneeded feelings of obligation.

If you’re not into free-handing in a journal, then this daily to do printable might be helpful.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Here’s the thing, you guys, time management isn’t a natural born talent. Managing our time, setting our priorities, and moving through our days with ease? Those are skills.

And like any other skills, you need to practice time management to perfect it.

So here are your takeaways:

– Use a time management tool or tracker (like this free to do template) to guide your priorities each morning

– Give yourself a few minutes every day to determine the 2 or 3 MOST IMPORTANT things to accomplish

– If you’re feeling stuck making time to get centered, set small and concrete increments of time for yourself — even a minute will do!

How else do you guys center yourselves in the morning? I’d love to hear since this is really profoundly adding so much value to my days.

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