Free Printable Valentines Cards | Downloadable, Printable Card (for a Happy Valentines Day!)


Alright, let’s be honest. Some of us love Valentine’s Day. Some of us hate it. And to be fair, there’s a whole lotta expectation around the day, right? It’s all jewelry and chocolates and diamonds and oversized hearts. And all that jazz adds up kinda quick. This year, I’m happy to share with y’all a sweet, free printable Valentine card, perfect for giving to someone who means something special to ya. Curious to learn more about printable Valentine cards? Then keep on reading, Cupid!

valentines cards cards with roses on wooden background

Download Your Free Printable Valentines Cards

To grab your card, jump to the Home Beautifully Resource Library, which is a sweet spot exclusive for subscribers. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign in, then jump to the “create” section and look for the valentines card.

Printable Valentines Cards

You’ll find the Valentine card saved as a PDF for you to download. So go ahead and save that baby to your computer.

Printing Your Valentines Cards

I designed the cards to be printed on a black and white printer for all those peeps (like me) who just don’t have a color printer at home. The card looks super nice on sturdy card stock. Fill your paper tray with cardstock so that when you print it, the card’s nice and strong.

I include some examples of cardstock you might use below. These pics are clickable with affiliate links so you can browse around the products to see what I mean.

And if all this printing business just feels like way too much, just send the PDF to FedEx to print for you on card stock. It’s about 50 cents or so. Super cheap!

printable valentines cards with rose petals on a wood background

Trimming and Folding Your Valentines Cards

Once you’ve printed your card, you’ll see that I’ve included trim lines on the paper for you, just to make it easy. (I know, I know, I’m oh-so-nice.) Now you’ll want to trim up your card. I’ve designed the card so that it measures five inches by seven inches once folded.

Using a paper cutter, line up the card along the trim lines and run the blade smoothly down the paper. If you don’t have a paper cutter, you can also use a razor knife and a ruler — just be careful! And if you have super steady hands (which I definitely don’t!), you can always go old school and use scissors.

To fold your card, you’ll first want to score the paper so it folds smoothly.

If your paper cutter also has a scoring blade, this step is easy-peasy. Line up the card down the center line and run the scoring blade down the fold.

Otherwise, find a dull butter knife, and using the edge, run the metal edge down the centerline.

Once you fold the card, use the dull butter knife on the top of the crease to smooth the fold. No wrinkles here!

Now your card should be ready to enjoy! Pop on a smile and head over to your honey (or friend or neighbor or family member or dog). I hope they love this card as much as I do. And Happy Valentines Day! As always, lots of love, from my house to yours.