The Best Valentines Day Decor on Amazon!


Can I admit something kinda silly?  Now that I’m a mama, I really love decorating for the holidays.  Really, really love it.  And I’m not just talking about Christmas.  I’m talking about all those minor holidays that I kinda glazed over previously.  Sure, I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day (um, chocolate, hello?!).  But I’ve never actually decorated it before.  Now that my son’s two, decorating for holidays is oh-so-much fun.  He totally gets into the spirit of the day …and I do too!  If you’re looking for a fun way to jazz up your house for Valentine’s, I’ve got some great recommendations for you.  And I promise they’re not all hearts and flowers and shades of neon pink.  Want to learn more?  Keep on reading to discover the best Valentine’s Day decor on Amazon!

Valentines Day Decor on AmazonThe Best Valentines Day Decor on Amazon

I had a great time pulling together these product recommendations for anyone hunting for inexpensive Valentine’s Day decor.  These are all my favorite finds on Amazon.  (I’ll also post my favorites from Target, too!) . I’ve tagged the pics below with affiliate links so you can hop to the product page and learn more.

Banners can make a big statement in your home at a really great price.  Because of they’re length, they not only take up a good amount of space, but they can really easily make a not-so-snazzy spot like a plain mantle sparkle.  I love the rustic flavor of this “be mine” banner!

Okay, guys… don’t get mad at me.  This gorgeous tulip wreath is a wee bit more than recommendations I usually make.  And you know how I feel about spending money on wreaths (I don’t!  I like to make DIY wreaths!).  But this beauty is JUST. SO. PRETTY.  And pink.  And lovely.  *SWOON*

This sweet little “love sweet love” pillow cover reminds me of that time I rode my bike around Paris with my one true love.  (HAHA, okay so that never happened.  But the pillow makes me THINK it could!)  It has a quaint little charm that’s just so sweet.

A lot like the banner, tissue paper decorations are a great way to fill a big space affordably!  I loved that these Valentine day tissue paper decorations came in different shapes and colors, which would make an awesome statement and fill a whole wall.

This watercolor heart pillow totally reminds me of the free art print from Sammy Zoe Illustration for grabs in the Resource Library.  (I’ll put a subscription box below if you want to subscribe to check it out.) . Watercolor hearts are so romantic, and this pillow cover’s no exception.  Plus, it’s at a great price, too!

This little heart tree is adorable!  It’d look so cute as a table centerpiece.  And how cute would it be with little notes hanging from the branches??


]You know why I love this Be Mine Valentine’s day pillow?  Because it’s BLUE!!  It’s so tough finding Valentine’s Day decor that doesn’t drip in pink and red, you know?  This little blue pillow adds a much-needed pop of color (other than pink) to the holiday.

This antique rose wreath is also feminine and romantic, but at a much more reasonable price point than the tulip wreath above!  I thought this wreath would look particularly charming on a vintage white hutch.

How great is this carved wooden love sign? I adore how the word love looks carved out in wood.  The juxtaposition between the rugged wood and the sweet sentiment is beautiful!  This piece would look great on a mantle ledge or styled in a bookshelf.

This mini I love Us sign is only four inches tall and oh-so-cute.  I love the color combo of the wood with the paint, too.  The sign has an almost retro feeling to it, while still staying simple and cool.

They’re definitely pink, y’all.  But these mercury glass votives are so cool!  I think the mercury glass keeps them from being too pinky pink.  (Anyone with me on that?  Like, you can be pink.  And you can be pinky pink.  But pink is better?  LOL, I might be on a limb with this.)  For the price, these little votives are a great find!



This little “I Love You More” sign makes me smile.  Not only is it something I say to my husband all the time (I do!), but also the chalkboard art look is just so charming.  I’m definitely a fan of DIY chalkboard art, but for this price… hey.  It’s worth a look!

]This vintage-inspired food storage container is RIDICULOUSLY cute.  I love that it’s so big, with such a wide mouth.  And the stay fresh lid is awesome, too.  This is one of those Valentine’s Day decor pieces that would honestly look cute year-round.



Just like the pink mason jar, this I Love Our Happily Ever After sign is a decor piece that would look cute for Valentine day and year-round.