How to Hang Garage Wooden Peg Board Like a PRO!


Hi friends! We are well underway our garage makeover, making some excellent progress organizing our workshop space. And you know what goes a really long way toward creating an organized garage? You got it: garage wooden peg board storage!

Not only is wooden peg board storage really inexpensive, but it’s also super easy to install. And it looks great! Interested in learning how to install wooden pegboard storage? Then keep on reading!

wooden peg board

Want to Know How to Hang Wooden Peg Board Like a PRO?

Not gonna lie, you guys, our garage workshop needed some major TLC. Since we moved into our home a few months back, it’s become the dumping ground for stuff.

I spent a whole lotta hours sorting, unpacking, and organizing. And when all was said and done, my workshop and a lonely bench with literally no storage.

Yep, no shelves, no tool storage … nothing. (Well nothing except my bench and my hand-me-down cart.)

Here’s the garage before:

wooden peg board
wooden peg board

See what I mean about my sad and lonely bench? The old owners had mounted some smaller peg board storage, but it didn’t look so hot.

In fact, it looked pretty terrible. They didn’t mount the peg board correctly so the board was warped, crooked, and not strong at all.

So let’s talk about how to do it right! You’ll first need to assemble a few things.

Materials Needed to Mount Wooden Peg Board Storage

Safety glasses
Drill and drill bit
Wood screws
Furring strips (1 by 2 by 8 boards)
Pegboard accessories

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Mounting Your Wooden Peg Board Storage

To mount your wooden peg board, you’ll first want to mark the studs in the wall. I use this super handy stud finder that locates the screws in the studs.

You’ll want to cut your furring strips the length of your wooden pegboard. If you’re using a 4 by 8 peg board, you can use the whole eight foot wood.

Then, pre-drill the holes in your furring strips locating your drill holes so that they’ll screw into the studs.

Use a countersink bit to carve out the wood so that the screw won’t stick out of the board.

I mounted furring strips for the top and bottom of each wooden pegboard.

Once your furring strips are mounted, have a buddy hold up the wooden pegboard and use wood screws to attach the peg board to the wood braces.

The wood furring strips will ensure that the peg board is super strong and won’t bend or warp.

wooden peg board
wooden peg board
wooden peg board
wooden peg board

Organizing Your Pegboard

To organize our pegboard, we bought an assortment of fixtures, some baskets, and a few speciality hooks for hanging power tools.

I particularly love the little wooden shelf that we made with shelf hooks and a piece of scrap!

Also, we created a little “plan station” that holds my project plans and copy paper with clipboards we got at the Dollar Store. So helpful!

wooden peg board
wooden peg board
wooden peg board
wooden peg board
wooden peg board

I hope you loved this post! Have you been tempted to create wooden peg board storage in your garage or workspace? Pop a comment below to let me know!