Farmhouse Style Fall Front Porch Decor


Can I admit something that might be a little controversial?  (But, puh-lease, no judgment, mmmkay?)  You guys, as much as I love fall, I prefer color schemes that incorporate slightly more neutral tones!  I mean, I like brick red and even a good burnt sienna and golden yellow.  (The recent exclusive fall art printable from Humble Bee Prints is a perfect example of some charming fall subtlety I adore!)  

But straight-up bright orange?  Crayola crayon vivid orange?  It doesn’t really gel with my more neutral vibe.  (Are you shocked? Can we still be friends?)  What’s a DIY home decorator to do?  Find some fall front porch decor inspiration here, of course!  Curious to get some good ideas for how to decorate your front porch for fall, using a slightly different color scheme?  I got you, pal!  Keep on reading for some fall front porch ideas in more muted neutrals!

fall front porch

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas

For this front porch, I went with a color scheme of golden yellows, muted blues, and neutral tones.  Blue for fall?  I say why not!?  Last year, remember, I went with purple and blush for my fall mantle.

I love how the more neutral browns and whites add subtly and timelessness to the hints of blue and gold throughout.  Each picture is clickable, using an affiliate link, to take you to the product page so that you can learn more about the pieces and the artisans who made them.


Fall Front Porch Farmhouse Style Recommendations

Why do I love these pieces enough to incorporate them into my fall front porch design board?  Not only are each handmade or carefully curated by artisans, but also each recommendation adds a super specific touch to the farmhouse style vibe I wanted!  Click the photos below to hop to the product pages and learn more about each.  And keep on reading to find out why I recommend them!

Blue Fox Willow Custom Wood Bench

This might be one of my absolute favorite handmade pieces of all time.  Seriously.  It’s so so SO beautiful!  I adore the customization that the artisan includes on the top of the bench.  And the color schemes they offer?  Stunning.  On a porch, a bench not only offers a great place to chill with a warm cup of tea, but also a nice spot for adding height to our decor.  Love this one!

Golden Pillow from Decor at Best

I chose this beauty because it hinted towards fall without being in-your-face vibrant.  I love how the muted golden yellow adds the perfect pop of fall sunshine to our fall front porch color scheme.  Plus, the price is kinda out of this world awesome.  Can’t beat that!

Throw Pillow from Two Peaches Design

Not gonna lie, I have a little crush on the entire Two Peaches Design store!  These wonderfully talented (and friendly) artisans design handmade burlap and canvas pillows with the most adorable sayings on them.  (Seriously, I have a Two Peaches pillow (this one!) that says “The Snuggle Is Real.”  I mean, come on with the cuteness!)

Cozy Throw from A String or Two

Is anything better than getting cozy under a throw blankie in the chilly fall nighttime?  I love blankets in the fall!  This shop features really beautiful, well made vintage quilts, linens, and blankets.  I’m really drawn to the color schemes in the merchandise that Kathy, the shop owner, features.  Because they’re vintage the color schemes are cozy and muted, which is great for a more neutral decor scheme.

Blue and Golden Fall Wreath from J and J Pretty Things

Go on and find me a cuter fall wreath that doesn’t use a boatload of orange … I challenge you!  I hunted and hunted, and this beauty won my heart.  I love how the blue adds a really charming and subtle pop of color without, you know, screaming BLUE or distracting from the overall autumnal vibe.

Wooden Pumpkin Decor from Birch and Beam

I’ve honestly wanted to make something similar to these for-eva!  But since my pregnant belly won’t actually let me do anything power-tool related, I’ve been drooling over these beauties from Birch and Beam, a rustic home decor shop out of Florida.  (Sending prayers that all is safe after Irma!)  These pumpkins would add great dimensionality to the fall front porch, either perched on or at the foot of the rustic bench.  Don’t you agree?

Rustic Wheel from Shelly Is Vintage

Guys, this is my wildcard piece, and I have to admit:  I’m in LOVE with this!  How adorable would this look tucked by the side of the fall front porch door, maybe with some lovely golden mums potted in front?  Honestly, I could easily incorporate this awesome vintage find into every seasonal decor scheme I imagine.  It would add a perfect farmhouse touch to the porch!

GFT Woodcraft Rustic, Handmade Lantern

How beautiful are these handmade wooden lanterns?  I could so easily see them tucked either at the foot of a bench, on the front porch steps, or hanging beautifully from the porch ceiling.  And they come in both light and dark finishes on the reclaimed wood.  I am particularly fond of the light, but I love how the darker stain brings out the imperfections in the grain, which has a stunning farmhouse, rustic vibe.  Which is your fave?

I hope you love these farmhouse style fall front porch recommendations.  I, for one, adore putting together these inspiration boards!  Pop a comment below for an inspiration board that you would love to see in the future.  And as always, lots of love, from my house to yours!