7 Easy Ways How to Use Garage Door Lubricant


Hey friends!  If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve done a ton of work in our garage.  From putting up our easy pegboard storage, to building an awesome tool bench, to setting up a dust collection system, there’s been a whole lotta sweat equity going on.  You know what still bothered me though?  Our squeaky garage door!  If you’re door squeaks too, then you’re probably gonna need to get your hands on some garage door lubricant.

Not sure how to even go about using garage door lubricant?  Well, no worries.  This article is for you!

Garage Door Lubricant

7 Easy Ways How to Use Garage Door Lubricant

I’m gonna be honest with you.  There are certain sounds that just set my teeth on edge.  The sound of my son’s baby monitor drives me bonkers — all that static! 

The sound of our stovetop vent — so annoying!  And the sound of our garage door opening?

What can I say?  It kind of sounds like your stepping on a cat’s tail.  A cross between a screech and a groan.  It’s not pleasant.  At all.

Since I spend most of my days working out of my shop, I’m in the garage all the time.  (My shop is an extension of our garage.)  And, yep.  I’m opening and closing our garage door probably a dozen times a day.

Honestly, even more than putting a damper on the door’s squeaking, moaning, and groaning, I know that maintaining and lubricating the garage door is super important for the life of the door’s mechanical parts.

When the opportunity arrived to work with WD-40 and use their 3-IN-ONE Garage Door Lubricant came along, I thought, bingo-bango, this would be the perfect time to show you all how to use garage door lubricant.  ‘Cause guess what?  It’s way easier than it may seem.

Garage Door Lubricant

Spray the Garage Door Chain and Screw Drives

To start the process of maintaining our garage door, let’s work from the top down.  Grab a ladder or a step stool.  (Or, call my husband who’s a jolly green giant and can reach pretty much anything.)

Spray down the chain and screw drives mounted onto the ceiling assembly.  Using the chain and screw drives are in the top center of the garage door assembly. 

Be sure those parts are well lubricated so that they operate smoothly.

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Spray the Garage Door Tracks

Next, spend some time spraying your garage door lubricant into the tracks.  The tracks run up the length of each side of the garage door and usually hang from braces mounted into the ceiling.

We want to make sure the tracks not only are lubricated but are also protected from rust and corrosion.

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Spray the Garage Door Springs

Your garage door assembly has springs that can be mounted above the door and on the tracks.  The springs are coils of metal that definitely need TLC.  (Replacing broken springs can be costly!)

Spray the springs to prevent rust and corrosion.

Spray the Garage Door Pulleys

The garage door pulley system usually sits above the tracks on either side of the door.  For each pully, you’ll see a little wheel and cable.

Spray each pulley to ensure that they operate smoothly.  This step really helped take the “cat noises” out of our garage door when it’s opening.

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Spray the Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers look like little wheels with a metal rod sticking out of each.  Almost like flattened lollypops.

The rollers run up the tracks to open up the garage door.

Make sure the rollers are well lubricated.  Again, this will not only make sure they roll along the tracks smoothly and without too much noise, but it will also prevent them from rusting.

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Spray the Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are the metal pieces that connect your door together.  The hinges ensure that the door can curve as it moves up the track.

Keeping those hinges flexible is important!  Spray the hinges to ensure they stay plaint so that the door will flex as it moves up the track.

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Spray the Garage Door Weather Stripping

Almost there, you guys!  We’ve worked our way all the way from the top and now we’re on the floor.  The garage door weather stripping sits at the bottom of the door.  Well, at least that’s where it is on ours!  You might actually ALSO have weather stripping that runs along the sides, too.

Your garage door weather stripping might be metal, like ours.  Or, you may also have an additional weather seal made our of another material to further prevent weather from seeping into your space.

Spray your weather stripping — particularly if it’s metal like ours — to prevent weather damage like rust.

Garage Door Lubricant

Wrapping Up How to Use Garage Door Lubricant

You know what I find so interesting?  Before I spent some time applying garage door lubricant to our garage, I tended to think about the garage door as one whole thing.  Like, the whole door in its entirety was squeaking.

Now I recognize that there are SO MANY PARTS to a garage door that need attention.  And it really is important to use a quality garage door lubricant correctly to make sure all the parts are well maintained.

I like the 3-IN-ONE Garage Door Lubricant formula for a number of reasons.  It’s quick drying and doesn’t make a big sticky mess.  Also, it comes with a really handy “smart straw” nozzle that makes it so easy to spray into little cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies.  So helpful!

Here’s the thing: if you apply your garage door lubricant, not only are you keeping your door from squeaking and groaning but also you’re preventing rusting and corrosion.  So make sure to apply your lubricant to all the right spots: your door’s hinges, tracks, chains, pulleys, and latches.

And thanks a million to 3-IN-ONE Garage Door Lubricant not only for sponsoring this post but also for making sure my door no longer sounds like a frustrated kitty cat.

3-IN-ONE Garage Door Lube is available at Home Depot and other retailers nationwide. Find a store that carries 3-IN-ONE Garage Door Lube by visiting the 3-IN-ONE website. You can also print off a coupon to save $1 here. Follow 3-IN-ONE on Facebook and on Instagram for more home improvement and DIY tips.

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